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thnks lightgiver don't forget this here

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When CIA Analyst Jack Ryan interferes with an IRA assassination, a renegade faction targets him and his family for revenge...

Patriot Games(1987) is a novel by Tom Clancy. It is chronologically the first book (predating the events in The Hunt for Red October) focusing on CIA analyst Jack Ryan, the main character in many of Clancy's novels. It is the indirect sequel to Without Remorse.. The title comes from an Irish Rebel Song called "The Patriot Game", an Irish ballad about the Border Campaign in Northern Ireland..In London, Jack Ryan saves the Prince and Princess of Wales, along with their infant firstborn son, from an Irish terrorist group called Ulster Liberation Army (ULA) during a kidnapping attempt on the Mall... views this whole boat as his own personal, private stereo set. Correct! Seaman Beaumont, Signal Algorithmic Processing System.. Give it a week and you'll be teaching at Caltech. So, like Beethoven on the computer, you have laboured to produce... a biologic..A living crystal radio..A-powering your dynamo...

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