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Originally Posted by elshaper View Post
Again, thanks for your sincerely reply. Even if we are not on the same page, I'm not here to persuade you to be 'good' or anything. It's your life and you'll gonna do whatever you think fit but my purpose here is to get an understanding.

Of course, a knife can be used for both good and bad and it's the intention of the user. I am with you on this one. However, the danger I am talking about is that while a magician may be using the magick for good intention and demons are supposed to obey the master's command, quite often it doesn't end up that way and magicians end up being controlled by demons. To give you an example, the recent magick casted on me, ended up having body scratch marks, psychic attacks and near gas explosion. I don't think that's nice and I wouldn't wish something like that on anyone even if I hate them.
You could say it's the lack of magician's skill or whatever but you've got to understand nature of demons, they are hardly obeying, they'll do what they like and the result (death & tragedies) speaks itself. Too many people who practiced magick ended up seeing loved ones die with tragic accidents and these are not just one off, there are usually a number of.... which overtake the average. I won't name a name here but if you is well documented.
You give "demons" more credit than they deserve. They are not as powerful as people make them out to be. People make them sound like they are more powerful than humans. They are not. They actually can be commanded and controlled as long as you are without fear and are confident in your will. If you have any doubts about what you're doing or any fear of them, then yes, they will take control. The obvious solution is: Don't do that.

It all stems from a childish idea of duality, of "good vs. evil". Which is an immature absurdity. There's ultimately no such thing.

To reject "demons" is to reject a part of yourself. We all have demons, and at some point, we must take control of them lest they take control of us. Is the Goetia the only means of doing this? Absolutely not. But regardless of what method is used, it must be done in time.

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