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Lightbulb Mine-Haha

Away from prying eyes, there's a school that teaches young girls how to please their elite masters...
On the Bodily Education of Young Girls ( Mine-Haha oder Über die körperliche Erziehung der jungen Mädchen) is a novella by German dramatist Frank Wedekind, first published in its final form in 1903..The novella purports to be an autobiographical manuscript handed to the editor by an 84-year-old retired teacher, Helene Engel, shortly before she committed suicide. The "manuscript" itself describes the bizarre education and socialisation of a young girl, Hidalla, in two boarding establishments, the first co-educational, the second all-female.. At the age of se7en Hidalla is placed in a coffin-like crate and transferred to the "park", a location that is both idyllic and hermetically sealed by high walls, where she spends the next se7en years, learning only gymnastics, dance and music, she is met with curiosity by the other 5 girls of the house.. After grooming and dressing her, they all exchange hair ribbons with each other -each girl gets the ribbons passed down from the girl a year above her..

The regime is rigidly hierarchical, with the older girls supervising and teaching the younger ones, the aim being to learn to "think with the hips".. Transgression is severely punished. The "park" is financed by the takings from a theatre, where the girls must perform nightly in "pantomimes" of an adult nature they do not understand. At one point a delegation of "ladies" arrive to select the girls for unspecified tasks, but Hidalla is not chosen. With the onset of menstruation, Hidalla and her peers are required to take an underground train to the outside world where they are united with boys of their own age..At this juncture the "manuscript" breaks off...

The work was praised, with reservations, by Leon Trotsky. Theodor W. Adorno placed it, alongside Edgar Allan Poe's Pym, among the "greatest works" of "fantastic art"..More recently, the singer Marianne Faithfull has described it as "a fairy tale that morphs into something far more grotesque – a psycho-sexual Expressionist fable"..The title Mine-Haha is a Germanised form of "Minnehaha", the name of Hiawatha’s lover in The Song of Hiawatha by Longfellow (Born February 27, 1807 ) had originally planned on following Schoolcraft in calling his hero Manabozho, the name in use at the time among the Ojibwe of the south shore of Lake Superior for a figure of their folklore, a trickster-transformer.. He was also the first American to translate Dante Alighieri's The Divine Comedy and was one of the 5 Fireside Poets..Henry was enrolled in a dame school at the age of three and by age six was enrolled at the private Portland Academy.. In his years there, he earned a
reputation as being very studious and became fluent in Latin... who are given most also have most to give..One man can change the world with a bullet in the right place..There's no such thing as a wrong war.. Violence and revolution are the only pure acts..The whole world will end very soon - black, brittle bodies peeling into ash.. I don't see what difference the speed makes...

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