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Minerva Sending Away Mars from Peace & Prosperity...Author: Victor II Wolfut Painting, Oil on canvas, 67x89 cm-Origin: Flanders, 1630s - 1640s-Source of entry: Leningrad State Purchasing Commission, 1946-School: Flemish...

Phobos ( Greek Φόβος) (systematic designation: Mars I) is the larger and closer of the Two moons of Mars, the other being Deimos.. Both moons were discovered in Travels into Several Remote Nations of the World.. WiTh a mean radius of 11.1 km (6.9 mi), Phobos is 7.24 times as massive as Deimos.. IT IS named after the Greek god Phobos (which means "fear"), a son of Ares (Mars)..Minerva (ETruscan: Menrva) was the Roman goddess whom Romans from the 2nd century BC onwards equaTed with the Greek goddess AThena.. She Was the virgin goddess of poeTry, medicine, wisdom, commerce, weaving, crafts, magic.. She is often depicTed with her sacred creaTure, an owl usually named as the "Owl of Minerva", which symbolizes her ties to wisdom..A Tawny Owl never calls "twit twoo".. In fact the "twit" or more accurately "ke-wick" is a Tawny Owl's contact call and the "twoo" or again more accurately "hoo-hoo-oooo" is the male's territorial call. Consequently, if you hear "ke-wick hoo-hoo-oooo" it is most likely a male answering a female (or another male)...

The following week, taking advantage of British Airways' "two for the price of one" offer to Gulf servicemen, Jilly and I went camping in California..Fantasy Island is the title of 2 separate but related American fantasy TV series, both originally airing on the ABC television network... It was a fantastic holiday, and it really helped put everything behind me...In later seasons, there were often supernatural overtones.. Roarke also seemed to have his own supernatural powers of some sort (called the "Gift of the McNabs" in "Delphine"), although it was never explained how this came to be...Delphinine is a toxic diterpenoid alkaloid found in plants from the Delphinium (larkspur) and Atragene (a clematis) genera, both in the family Ranunculaceae...These effects make it highly poisonous (LD50 1.5-3.0 mg/kg in rabbit and dog; frogs are ~10x more susceptible), but in very small doses it has some uses in herbal medicine... More recent studies focused on the cardiovascular toxicity of delphinine..In general, the pharmacology of delphinine seems to resemble that of aconitine..Aconitine is a toxin produced by the Aconitum plant, also known as devil’s helmet or monkshood.
Monkshood is very notorious for its toxic properties...
Dii Consentes - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia am your plumber..No I never went away..I still bug your bedrooms and pick up everything you Say..It can be a boring job to moniter all day your excess talk..We've got our secret ways of getting rid of you..Fill you full of LSD turn you loose on a Freeway..Send you spinning all over the freeway..Spinning on the crowded freeway..The press, they never even cared.. it's only so much paper..Keep Ameraca free for clean livin' folks like me ...

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