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Lightbulb Harmony Lodge

Nat Jackley, English comic actor.
Andrew Jackson, U.S. President. Harmony Lodge No. 1
Jesse Jackson, US Civil Rights leader and Politician, Harmony Lodge No. 88, Chicago, Illinois (PHA)
Robert H. Jackson, U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice (1941–1954)
Graciano López Jaena, Filipino writer and journalist in the Philippine Revolution. Worshipful Master at Logia Povernir No. 2.

John Jay, Chief Justice of the United States (1789–1795)
Major-General (retired)Michael Jeffery, AC, CVO, MC Governor-General of Australia (2003–2008) and Former CO of SAS Regiment, Initiated in St George's Lodge No 6 on 23 November 1994.
John Jellicoe, British Admiral of the Fleet, and Governor-General of New Zealand, Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of New Zealand..
Edward Jenner, British scientist; discovered vaccination. Elected FRS on 26 February 1789; initiated in Lodge of Faith and Friendship No. 449, Gloucestershire

"Turkey Creek" Jack Johnson, peace officer and posseman in Wyatt Earp's infamous "vendetta ride" Mt. Moriah Lodge #2, F.& A.M., Salt Lake City, Utah
Andrew Johnson, U.S. President. Greenville Lodge No. 119, Tennessee
Jack Johnson, African American boxer, initiated in Dundee, Scotland
Lyndon B. Johnson, U.S. President. Johnson City Lodge No. 561, Texas (EA degree only)
Al Jolson, Actor and singer, St. Cecile Lodge No. 568, New York
Anson Jones, Congressman, doctor, last President of the Republic of Texas, Harmony Lodge #52 Philadelphia
John Paul Jones, Naval hero during the American Revolution, St. Bernards Lodge No. 122, Kirkudbright, Scotland
Nathaniel R. Jones (1926–), American lawyer, jurist, and academic, Judge on U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit.
Slobodan Jovanović (1869–1958), Serbian jurist, historian, sociologist and president of the Yugoslav government in exile, in London, during World War II.
Benito Juárez, President of Mexico. Rito Nacional Mexicano de la Logia Independiente, No. 02....
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