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Willo the Wisp is a British cartoon series originally produced in 1981..In the first series, Kenneth Williams provided voices for all of the characters..

The Beast, who began life as the dim Prince Humbart The Handsome, who can't pronounce the letter r correctly; an unfortunate encounter with Edna ended up with his transformation into a hairy shambling creature.. In this encounter, he crashed into Edna on his bicycle and called her, "Vewy dangewous.. And what a wotten pwogwamme." Edna replied, "I'll 'wotten-pwogwamme' him!" and transformed him into The Beast...

Other recurring characters include:

Gnomes, one of which Mavis takes a liking to.
The Astrognats, explorers of space with a mushroom-shaped spaceship.
The Bookworm, a very clever intelligent worm who eats facts from books as a source of knowledge.
A regiment of toy soldiers.
A bat..

Each of the original 26 episodes lasted approximately 5 minutes and were broadcast at 5:35pm on BBC1, a tradition as short cartoons were always shown between the end of the main children's BBC drama or sitcom for that afternoon, and the BBC Evening news at 5:40pm..The first reshuffle occurred in September 1984, with the BBC Evening News being moved to 6pm, and the regional news programmes to 6:30pm. This vacated a 25-minute slot starting at 5:35pm, which was filled with various programmes until Australian soap Neighbours filled the gap on a more permanent basis..Editor: Michael Crane..Trace & Paint: Lynne & Ian Sachs..The second series aired on Playhouse Disney in the UK.. practically own South America.. Why don't we just... wait here for a little while... see what happens?..I just cannot believe any of this voodoo bullshit...

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