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Lightbulb Square Peg

The Square Peg is a 1958 British comedy film starring Norman Wisdom and directed by John Paddy Carstairs.. Norman Wisdom plays two different characters: a man who digs and repairs roads and a Nazi General..Release date 4 January 1959..The film was the 7th most popular movie at the British box office..In the early days of World War II, Norman PitKin, a roadmender with St Godric's Borough Council, falls foul of the soldiers in an army camp, when his handiwork slows down access to the camp. Despite the efforts of Borough Engineer, Mr Grimsdale, the army has both of them called up for army service.. They find themselves in the Pioneer Corps, doing much the same sort of work..

January 1-Cultivars of plants named after this date must be named in a modern language, not in Latin- Cuba: Fulgencio Batista flees Havana when the forces of Fidel Castro advance\2- USSR launches Mechta (Luna 1) for 1st lunar fly-by, 1st solar orbit/5 - Buddy Holly releases his last record "It Doesn't Matter"- "Bozo the Clown" live children's show premieres on TV\7 – The United States recognizes the new Cuban government of Fidel Castro/ 8 – Charles de Gaulle is inaugurated as the first president of the French 5th Republic\9 - Dam across Tera River collapses after heavy winter rains, 135 die/10 – The Soviet government recognizes the new Castro government\12-The Caves of Nerja are discovered in Spain/13 – Cuban communists execute 71 supporters of Fulgencio Batista\15 – The Soviet Union conducts its first census after World War II/21 – The European Court of Human Rights is established\22 – Knox Mine Disaster: Water breaches the River Slope Mine in Port Griffith, Pennsylvania near Pittston, Pennsylvania; 12 miners are killed-The Knox castastrophe was less deadly than the Twin Shaft Disaster in Pittston in 1896, which claimed 58 lives - USAF concludes that less than 1% of UFOs are unknown objects/25 – Pope John XXIII announces that the Second Vatican Council will be convened in Rome\26 - Italy government of Fanfani resigns- KOKH TV channel 25 in Oklahoma City, OK (IND/PBS) begins broadcasting/29 – Walt Disney(DeMolay Hall of Fame) releases his 16th animated film, Sleeping Beauty in Beverly Hills.. It is Disney's first animated film to be shown in 70mm and modern 6-track stereophonic sound – Dense fog brings chaos to Britain\30 – Danish passenger/cargo ship MS Hans Hedtoft, returning to Copenhagen after its maiden voyage to Greenland, strikes an iceberg and sinks off the Greenland coast with the loss of all 95 on board..The only piece of wreckage ever found was a lifebelt..On 30 January 2005, Queen Margrethe unveiled a monument at North Atlantic Wharf, Copenhagen.. As of 2014, she remains the last ship sunk by an iceberg with casualties..The ship had 40 crew, 55 passengers and a cargo of frozen fish on board... you listen to me, I'm an advertising man, not a red herring..War is hell, Mr. Thornhill. Even when it's a cold one..I didn't realize you were an art collector...

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