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His Highness Prince Shah Karim Al Hussaini Aga Khan (IV) (Persian: شاه کریم حسینی، آقاخان چهارم‎) (Urdu: شاه کریم حسینی، آقاخان چهارم‎) (Aga Khan is also transliterated as Aqa Khan and Agha Khan), NPk, NI, KBE, CC, GCC, GCIH, GCM was born on December 13, 1936, in Geneva, Switzerland. He is a British business magnate, racehorse owner and breeder, as well as being the 49th and current Imam of Nizari Ismailism, a denomination of Ismailism within Shia Islam consisting of an estimated 5-15 million adherents (under 10% of the world's Shia Muslim population).. He has held this position of Imam, under the title of Aga Khan IV, since July 11, 1957, when, at the age of 20, he succeeded his grandfather, Sir Sultan Muhammad Shah Aga Khan III. The Aga Khan claims to be a direct descendant of the Islamic prophet Muhammad through Muhammad's cousin and son-in-law, Ali, considered the first Imam in Shia Islam, and Ali's wife Fatima az-Zahra, Muhammad’s daughter from his first marriage..Karim (alternatively spelled Kareem, or Kerim) (Arabic: کریم‎) is a common given and surname of Arabic origin. Karim is one of the 99 names of Allah, meaning Generous..Karim is also a spelling of a similar though a lot less common name, (Arabic: كرم‎), this name has a short second vowel, it is also often spelled Karem or Kerem...

Forbes describes the Aga Khan as one of the world's 10 richest royals with an estimated net worth of US$800 million (2010).. Additionally he is unique among the richest royals as he does not rule over a geographic territory. He owns hundreds of racehorses, valuable stud farms, an exclusive yacht club on Sardinia, a private island in the Bahamas,2 Bombardier jets, a £100 million high speed yacht named after his prize racehorse, and several estates around the world, with his primary residence being an estate called Aiglemont in the town of Gouvieux, France, north of Paris. In 2008, then French President Nicolas Sarkozy pledged that the Aga Khan, a British citizen, would be let off all 'direct taxes, stamp duty, and wealth tax' by the country of France - saving the Aga Khan an amount estimated to be in the billions of Euros..In 2007 G. Pascal Zachary of the The New York Times wrote after an interview with the Aga Khan, "Part of the Aga Khan's personal wealth [used by him and his family], which his advisers say exceeds $1 billion [USD], comes from a dizzyingly complex system of tithes that some of the world's 15 million Ismaili Muslims pay him each year [one of which is called dasond,which is at least 12.5% of each Nizari Ismaili's grossannual income] – an amount that he will not disclose but which may reach hundreds of millions of dollars annually"...

Born in Geneva, Switzerland, on December 13, 1936, Prince Karim was declared healthy despite being born prematurely.. The Aga Khan's brother, Prince Amyn, was born less than a year later. Their parents divorced in 1949, in part due to Prince Aly Khan's extramarital affairs, and Prince Aly Khan shortly after married Rita Hayworth – with whom he had a daughter, Princess Yasmin Aga Khan, the half-sister of Aga Khan IV..The Aga Khan IV also had a half-brother, Patrick Benjamin Guinness (1931–1965), from his mother's first marriage, as Joan Yarde-Buller was previously married to Loel Guinness of the banking Guinnesses...As a youngster Prince Karim would have preferred to attend MIT and study science, but his grandfather, Aga Khan III, vetoed the decision and Prince Karim attended Harvard University.. There, he switched to majoring in History after flunking an engineering course..The Aga Khan married his first wife, former British model Sarah ("Sally") Frances Croker-Poole, who assumed the name Begum Salimah Aga Khan, on October 22, 1969 (civil) and October 28, 1969 (religious), at his home (at that time) in Paris, France. The couple were married for 25 years, during which they had three children.. Not many years into the marriage, the Aga Khan (potentially influenced by his father's history of marital infidelity) engaged in multiple extramarital affairs, greatly displeasing Begum Salimah..From 11 July 1982 to 11 July 1983 – to celebrate the present Aga Khan's Silver Jubilee, marking the 25th anniversary of his accession to the Imamat – many new social and economic development projects were launched.. These range from the establishment of the US$450 million international Aga Khan University with its Faculty of Health Sciences and teaching hospital based in Karachi, the expansion of schools for girls and medical centres in the Hunza region (one of the remote parts of Northern Pakistan bordering on China and Afghanistan that is densely populated with Nizari Ismailis), to the establishment of the Aga Khan Rural Support Program in Gujarat, India – and the extension of existing urban hospitals and primary health care centres in Tanzania and Kenya..The Aga Khan is and has been involved in other business ventures such as luxury hotels. In the 1990s, the Aga Khan had a group of $400 a night Italian luxury hotels, called Ciga. Currently the Aga Khan, through his for-profit AKFED, is the largest shareholder in the Serena Hotels chain.. The Aga Khan's racing horse businesses bring in considerable income.. He owns and operates the largest horse racing and breeding operation in France, the French horse auction house, Arqana, Gilltown Stud near Kilcullen in Ireland, and other breeding/stud farms in Europe..The Aga Khan IV commissioned a 164-foot yacht, named Alamshar, with a price tag of £100 million..The yacht is named after a prized racehorse of his, and was supposed to have a top speed of 60 knots as part of his hope of setting a new transatlantic speed record. However, the yacht only reached a top speed of 30 knots in its initial trials...

The Military Order of Christ (Ordem Militar de Cristo) previously the Order of the Knights of Our Lord Jesus Christ (Ordem dos Cavaleiros de Nosso Senhor Jesus Cristo) was the former Knights Templar order in Portugal, after the suppression of the Templars in 1312, by direct order of the Pope Clement V. It was founded in 1318, with the protection of the Portuguese King Dinis I, who refused to pursue and persecute the former knights as had occurred in all the other sovereign states under the Catholic Church influence... hope you don't mind if we move our man so we could have more room to groove..One rebel begats another.. Have your men stay as far away from the stairway as possible..You know baby, this bamboo is longer, more flexible and very much alive..see,rehearsed routines, lack the flexibility to adapt...

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