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Fr. McNabb was described as a 13th-century monk living in 20th-century London, pursuing such tasks as reading the Old Testament (and taking notes on it) in Hebrew, reading the New Testament (and quoting from it) in Greek, and reading the works of St. Thomas Aquinas (and writing his reflections on them) in Latin.. Throughout his life, Fr. McNabb had little to call his own, except his Bible, his breviary, and his copy of the Summa Theologica..McNabb sought also to promote a vision of social justice inspired by St. Thomas and by Pope Leo XIII's Rerum Novarum, which called upon "every minister of holy religion…to bring to the struggle [for a broad distribution of property] the full energy of his mind and all his powers of endurance", as well as to shore up both faith and reason against the perceived threat of modernism..Father Vincent is the only person I have ever known about whom I have felt, and said more than once, 'He gives you some idea of what a saint must be like.' There was a kind of light about his presence which didn't seem to be quite of this world".. Ronald Knox... want the finest wines available to humanity.. And we want them here, and we want them now!..resident mockery give us an hour for magic..We of the purple glove..We of the starling flight & velvet hour..We of arabic pleasure's breed..We of sundome & the night...

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