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Lightbulb Made in JaPan

Made in Japan is a double live album by English rock band Deep Purple, recorded during their first tour of Japan in August 1972. It was originally released in December 1972, with a US release in April 1973, and became a commercial and critical success..The new hall has 2,700 seats, the same number of seats the original hall had..Festival Hall is run by the Asahi Building Co., Ltd., a Japanese real estate company controlling properties of the Asahi Shimbun Company, and is housed in the Festival Tower, a skyscraper..Recorded Festival Hall, Osaka, 15 and 16 August 1972...

Deep Purple - Woman from Tokyo
August 1 – U.S. Senator Thomas Eagleton, the Democratic vice-presidential nominee, withdraws from the race after revealing he was once treated for mental illness/4-Arthur Bremer is jailed for 63 years for shooting George Wallace-Dictator Idi Amin declares that Uganda will expel 50,000 Asians with British passports to Britain within 3 months-A huge solar flare (one of the largest ever recorded) knocks out cable lines in U.S. It begins with the appearance of sunspots on 2; an August 4 flare kicks off high levels of activity until August 10\9 – The Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber musical Jesus Christ Superstar made its West End debut/10 – A brilliant, daytime meteor skips off the Earth's atmosphere due to an Apollo asteroid streaking over the western US into Canada\11- "Cheech & Chong Day" in San Antonio Texas/12 - "Oh! Calcutta!" closes at Belasco Theater NYC after 1316 performs\13 - Dutch KRO-TV transmits 440th & last episode of "Bonanza"/14 – An East German Ilyushin airliner crashes near East Berlin; all 156 on board perish\ 16 – As part of a coup attempt, members of the Royal Moroccan Air Force fire upon, but fail to bring down, Hassan II of Morocco's plane while he is traveling back to Rabat - USSR performs nuclear test at Eastern Kazakh/Semipalitinsk USSR- Morocco King Hassan II's B727 shot at/20- USSR performs underground nuclear test\21 – The Republican National Convention in Miami Beach, Florida renominates U.S. President Richard Nixon and Vice President Spiro Agnew for a second term - Grace Slick maced by police when a band official called cops, pigs- 1st hot air balloon flight over Alps/22-Rhodesia is expelled by the IOC for its racist policies-John Wojtowicz, 27, and Sal Naturile, 18, hold several Chase Manhattan Bank employees hostage for 17 hours in Gravesend, Brooklyn, N.Y. (an event later dramatized in Dog Day Afternoon)-In the Almirante Zar Naval Base, Argentina, 16 detainees are executed by firing squad in the Trelew massacre\26 – September 11 – The 1972 Summer Olympics are held in Munich, West Germany- USSR performs nuclear test at Eastern Kazakh/Semipalitinsk USSR/27 - US bombs Haiphong, North Vietnam\28 - Prince William of Gloucester, a cousin of the Queen, is killed in an air crash near Wolverhampton. He was 30 years old, a bachelor and ninth in line to the throne-A Cambridge graduate, he joined the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, serving in Lagos and Tokyo, before returning to take over royal duties. At this time, he was diagnosed with porphyria,probably hereditary, but died at 30 in an air crash, while piloting his Piper PA-28 Cherokee plane in a competition- USSR performs nuclear test at Novaya Zemlya USSR-The term porphyria is derived from the Greek ???????, porphyra, meaning "purple pigment"-Prince William was buried in the Royal Burial Ground, Frogmore -It was consecrated on 23 October 1928/30 - John Lennon & Yoko Ono perform at Madison Square Garden...

Although details of Prince William's personal life have remained intimately private, an interview with Mrs. Zsuzsi Starkloff published by the Daily Mail on August 24, 2012 asserts that William had a long-standing relationship with her and wanted to marry her; however, she alleges that because she was twice divorced with two small children, William's family refused to acknowledge or accept their relationship. The Mail article speculates further that Starkloff met with displeasure from courtiers, because she was Jewish and Hungarian. According to Starkloff, William continued to see her until his accidental death in 1972.. Other than Starkloff's recollections, no hard evidence was presented by the Mail to substantiate the information reported in the article... slums are just like ours..Movement number 4: Dragon seeks path. Hi-yah!" What does this Mean?. You must know.. I've worked hard all of my life.. And I've got nothing at all to show for it!.In this world of guns and knives, wherever Wang Tang May go to, he will always travel on his own...

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