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Operation Red Dawn was an American military operation conducted on 13 December 2003 in the town of ad-Dawr, Iraq, near Tikrit, that led to the capture of Iraqi president Saddam Hussein. The operation was named after the 1984 film Red Dawn..The mission was assigned to the 1st Brigade Combat Team of the 4th Infantry Division, commanded by Maj. Gen. Raymond Odierno and led by Col. James Hickey of the 4th Infantry Division, with joint operations Task Force 121—an elite and covert joint special operations team..They searched two sites, "Wolverine 1" and "Wolverine 2," outside the town of ad-Dawr, but did not find Hussein. A continued search between the two sites found Hussein hiding in a "spider hole" at 20:30hrs local Iraqi time..Hussein did not resist capture...

Samir, a 34-year-old Iraqi-American military interpreter who helped find Saddam and pull him from his hideaway in December 2003..An interpreter officer is a commissioned officer of an armed force, who interprets and/or translates to facilitate military operation..

Interpreting services are provided by personnel from 223rd Military Intelligence Battalion (United States). The United States Military have used the Arabic linguists in the war in Iraq for example..The Republic of Korea has a history of continuous presence of United States forces..Military interpreters in the French Army translate into and out of foreign languages for the French military..The unit was first set up for Bonaparte's Egyptian expedition, and so their insignia is a sphinx on a blue terrestrial globe divided up by lingual barriers, on a round grey circular background with rays symbolising each of the languages spoken by their unit..President George W. Bush said that Saddam would "face the justice he denied to millions.. For the Ba'athist holdouts responsible for the violence, there will be no return to the corrupt power and privilege they once held"..Conquerors have always been surrounded by interpreters, a necessity to keep their operations moving, but it took Bonaparte to formalise the
military interpreter's role and function... watch I had they stole.. One of my daughters, whom they exiled, gave her father a watch as a present.. That is the watch they prevented Saddam Hussein from wearing.. I'm only saying this so you can make the comparison.. I am not a student in your school..Don't make me speak in a way that none of us want...

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