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Lightbulb Nazi Ed

The Shadow Chancellor repeatedly raised his right arm at Mr Cameron from his position on the Opposition front bench during the weekly Prime Minister’s Questions session.

The gesture was reminiscent of the “Heil Hitler” salute used in Nazi Germany..

Tory MPs responded with a series of mocking hand gestures of their own..

And senior Tory backbencher Sir Peter Tapsell provoked laughter among MPs by referring to the “increasingly maniacal gesticulations of the Shadow Chancellor”...During the previous Labour government, photographs emerged of Mr Balls dressed in a Nazi uniform at a Christmas party during his student days at Oxford University... I've always said, there is opportunity in brothers... Join the club.. Many of us have killed him Over the years.. But he keeps coming back, and chaos rules the earth.. America is in financial ruin.. Europe and Asia are on the brink of self-annihilation.. Chaos reigns.. But like I've always said, there is opportunity in chaos...

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