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The 1st Commando Regiment is one of the three combat units of the Australian Special Operations Command. Australian Army commando regiments are trained and organised primarily as a direct action and raiding forces.. The 1st Commando Regiment is an integrated unit composed of regular (full-time) soldiers, ex-regular and reserve (part-time) soldiers.. The Regiment’s primary function is to provide individual commando reinforcements to the Army’s full-time Commando unit, the 2nd Commando Regiment. The Regiment also provides specialist command and control capabilities for Special Operations Command...The term Commando is derived from the South African/Dutch word used by the Boers identifying their irregular sized raiding forces employed against the British during the South African Wars. The term commando was adopted by newly formed British raiding forces during WWII, and subsequently used by Australian special units raised to fight in the South-west Pacific and Indian oceans..By the close of World War II Australian special forces included the Independent Companies (later Commando Squadrons) and Special Operations Australia (or the Services Reconnaissance Department - M and Z special units). The enviable record they achieved on active service had confirmed to all at the time the effectiveness of unconventional warfare...

1 Commando Company was raised in New South Wales on 24 February 1955 however the Officer Commanding Major W.H (Mac) Grant, decided that the official birthday would be their first parade on 25 June 1955. 2 Commando Company was raised in Victoria on 24 February 1955..Major Grant travelled to the United Kingdom in 1955 and studied Royal Marine Commando training methods, completing their course, and being awarded their symbol of commando qualification, the light green (Sherwood) beret.. It was decided that Australian commandos would also adopt the Sherwood beret as the symbol of qualification, with the first one being awarded in Australia to Captain George Cardy of 1 Commando Company on 14 July 1956..The requirement for long-range communications can be traced back to WWII and units such as Coastwatchers, New Guinea Air Warning Wireless Company, the Independent Companies, and Special Operations Australia..All sub-units operated independently, training Army Reserve commandos and Special Forces signalers until 1981 when it was determined a regimental headquarters was required. This headquarters would coordinate the efforts of the previously independent units and provide the east coast command element for the newly established counter-terrorist capability within the Special Air Service Regiment. The headquarters was established on 1 February 1981 at Randwick, NSW where it remains today...

Prior to formation as a Regiment, the sub units deployed individuals and small teams to the Malayan War, the Borneo Confrontation and the Vietnam War..In recent years the Regiment has become more frequently deployed on operations providing small detachments and individuals to Cambodia, Bougainville, Iraq and Afghanistan..In March 2007 the task group was bolstered to form an Apprehension Task Force with the purpose of apprehending ex-Timorese Army Major and rebel leader, Alfredo Reinado, at the request of the President of Timor Leste. Reinado was eventually located in the village of Same. Following negotiations between the Timor Leste government and the rebels, the decision was made to detain Reinado by force.. Reinado evaded capture but 5 of his men were killed in the battle..On 11 February 2008 Reinado was killed during coordinated rebel attacks on the President and Prime Minister of Timor Leste..

The role of the commando company in Afghanistan is to conduct offensive operations deep within enemy safe havens to provide security to both coalition forces and the people of Afghanistan..The unit suffered its first combat fatality in 2009, with Private Gregory Sher killed by a rocket attack in Oruzgan province, on 4 January. Lieutenant Michael Fussell was killed in action whilst serving with the 1st Commando Regiment company group several weeks before on 24 November 2008, but was still posted to his parent unit of 4RAR (Cdo)..The Regiment received considerable publicity in 2009 when members of the unit were engaged by Taliban insurgents on the night of 12 February and 5 Afghan civilians were killed during the ensuing firefight..While the 1st Commando Regiment and the UK Royal Marines recognise a shared link to the UK Special Service Brigades of WWII the two units have steadily travelled separate paths of capability and service needs. It would be difficult to now draw parallels between the two..1st Commando Regiment personnel maintain the same base level commando skills as their regular commando counterparts in the 2nd Commando Regiment.. As a result, members of the Regiment are positioned to provide short notice reinforcement in support of Special Operations Command operational and training activities...'s the matter?. Forget why you hired me?.. I've really admired your stuff since 'Vermin From Venus'..That's the one that got him deported from Australia!..
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