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Arrow Five-star ankh

General of the Italian Army - shoulder board..An obelisk ( from Greek: ὀβελίσκος obeliskos, diminutive of ὀβελός obelos, "spit, nail, pointed pillar") is a short, 4-sided, narrow tapering monument which ends in a pyramid-like shape at the top...

A 5-star rank is a very senior military rank, particularly the rank, first established in 1944, of a United States general or admiral whose insignia is five stars, and corresponding ranks in other countries. The rank is that of the most senior operational military commanders, and within NATO's "standard rank scale" it is designated by the code OF-10..Typically, five-star officers hold the rank of General of the Army, admiral of the fleet, field marshal, marshal of the air force, general of the Air Force, and several other similarly named ranks.. Five-star ranks are extremely senior - usually the highest ranks.. As an active rank, the position exists only in a minority of countries and is usually held by only a very few officers during wartime. In times of peace, it is usually held only as an honorary rank..Only one Australian born officer (Sir Thomas Blamey) has held a substantive Australian 5-star rank (field marshal).. HM King George VI and HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh have held all three Australian five-star ranks in an honorary capacity, and have been the only holders of the Australian ranks of admiral of the fleet and marshal of the RAAF...Admiral flote (admiral of the fleet).. The rank was called stožerni admiral (lit. "staff admiral") until 1999; only Sveto Letica (first commander of the Croatian Navy) was awarded this rank – in March 1996, three months before his retirement...Marshal of Poland (Marszałek Polski) is a Polish Army 5-star rank. There are today no living marshals of Poland, since this rank is bestowed only on military commanders who have achieved victory in war..Asmodai appears as the king 'Asmoday' in the Ars Goetia, where he is said to have a seal in gold and is listed as number 32(=5) according to respective rank...

What is called Satanism is the ruling hierarchy of the Brotherhood pyramid under the command of the reptilians. Like all the other parts of the network, it is strictly compartmentalized. The highest levels of the Satanic network lock into the highest levels of the Brotherhood, but the lower degrees are not allowed to know the true nature of the organizations they are involved in. Some of the levels of Satanism are known as

the Sisters of Light

the Five Star Generals

Master Counsellors

Keeper of the Books

Keeper of the Seals

there is one position called an Asmodeus..

One of the global centres of Satanism is the Castle of Darkness, the Chateau des Amerois or Castle of Kings, in Belgium, near the appropriately named village of Muno Bel. The castle is close to the French border and some 20 kilometres from Luxemburg. It is protected from view by thick forests and guards keep out the curious. In the grounds is a cathedral with a dome containing 1,000 lights..It is from these lands in Belgium and northern France that the bloodline families came, including the Bruces, to take over Scotland all those centuries ago. Belgium, this little country between France and the Netherlands, is also the home of the European Union, NATO, and, I am told, a massive computer centre where databases on all the people of the world are being compiled.. It is known apparently as ‘the Beast’ and there are a number of these around the world.. An Elite mind control operation called the Janus Group is also based in the NATO headquarters...

The name Asmodai is believed to derive from Avestan language *aēšma-daēva, where aēšma means "wrath", and daēva signifies "demon" or "divine being"..According to the Kabbalah and the school of Rashba, Asmodeus is a cambion born as the result of a union between Agrat Bat Mahlat, a succubus, and King David..Another Talmudic legend has King Solomon tricking Asmodai into collaborating in the construction of the Temple of Jerusalem..Another passage describes him as marrying Lilith, who became his queen...He has also been recorded as the off-spring of the union between Adam and the angel of prostitution, Naamah, conceived while Adam was married to Lilith..He "is strong, powerful and appears with three heads; the first is like a bull, the 2nd like a man, and the 3rd like a ram; the tail of a serpent, and from his mouth issue flames of fire." Also, he sits upon an infernal dragon, holds a lance with a banner and, amongst the Legions of Amaymon, Asmoday
governs 72 legions of inferior spirits...'re responsible for the protection of 100,000 square miles of territory.. And against us are ranged thousands of the finest light cavalry on earth.. I found that out this morning.. It's a big job, gentlemen... and it's gonna need a fine regiment - with their boots on..Astaroth for the rest it's easy: since it's no more than hard work, hard riding and hard fighting..Men die..But a regiment lives on; because a regiment has an immortal soul of its own..Thank you, gentlemen, I know I can count on you...

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