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Franz Ferdinand (18 December 1863 – 28 June 1914) was an Archduke of Austria-Este, Austro-Hungarian and Royal Prince of Hungary and of Bohemia, and from 1896 until his death, heir presumptive to the Austro-Hungarian throne..His assassination in Sarajevo precipitated Austria-Hungary's declaration of war against Serbia. This caused the Central Powers (including Germany and Austria-Hungary) and the Allies of World War I (countries allied with Serbia or Serbia's allies) to declare war on each other, starting World War I..He was born in Graz, Austria, the eldest son of Archduke Karl Ludwig of Austria (younger brother of Franz Joseph and Maximilian) and of his second wife, Princess Maria Annunciata of Bourbon-Two Sicilies. In 1875, when he was only 11 years old, his cousin Duke Francis V of Modena died, naming Franz Ferdinand his heir on condition that he add the name Este to his own. Franz Ferdinand thus became one of the wealthiest men in Austria...

The Archduke and Archduchess visited England in the fall of 1913, spending a week with George V and Queen Mary at Windsor Castle before going to stay for another week with the Duke of Portland at Welbeck Abbey, Nottinghamshire, where they arrived on 22 November. He attended a service at the local Catholic church in Worksop and the Duke and Archduke went game shooting on the Welbeck estate when, according to the Duke's memoirs, Men, Women and Things:..Franz Ferdinand had a fondness for trophy hunting that was excessive even by the standards of European nobility of this time.. In his diaries he kept track of an estimated 300,000 game kills, 5,000 of which were deer. Approximately 100,000 trophies were on exhibit at his Bohemian castle at Konopiště which he also stuffed with various antiquities, his other great passion...Franz Ferdinand, like most males in the ruling Habsburg line, entered the Austro-Hungarian Army at a young age. He was frequently and rapidly promoted, given the rank of lieutenant at age 14, captain at 22, colonel at 27, and major general at 31..

On Sunday, 28 June 1914, at approximately 10:45 am, Franz Ferdinand and his wife were killed in Sarajevo, the capital of the Austro-Hungarian province of Bosnia and Herzegovina, by Gavrilo Princip, 19 at the time, a member of Young Bosnia and one of a group of assassins organized and armed by the Black Hand.. The event led to a chain of events that eventually triggered World War I..Earlier in the day, the couple had been attacked by Nedeljko Čabrinović, who had thrown a grenade at their car.. However, the bomb detonated behind them, hurting the occupants in the following car. On arriving at the Governor's residence, Franz angrily shouted, "So this is how you welcome your guests — with bombs?!"..After a short rest at the Governor's residence, the royal couple insisted on seeing all those who had been injured by the bomb at the local hospital. However, no one told the drivers that the itinerary had been changed. When the error was discovered, the drivers had to turn around. As the cars backed down the street and onto a side street, the line of cars stalled. At this same time, Princip was sitting at a cafe across the street. He instantly seized his opportunity and walked across the street and shot the royal couple.. He first shot Sophie in the abdomen and then shot Franz Ferdinand in the neck. Franz leaned over his wife crying. He was still alive when witnesses arrived to render aid.. His dying words to Sophie were, 'Don't die darling, live for our children.' Princip's weapon was the pocket-sized FN Model 1910 pistol chambered for the .380 ACP cartridge provided him by Serbian Army Colonel and Black Hand member Dragutin Dimitrijević..The archduke's aides attempted to undo his coat but realized they needed scissors to cut it open. It was too late; he died within minutes. Sophie also died en route to the hospital..The assassinations, along with the arms race, nationalism, imperialism, militarism, and the alliance system all contributed to the origins of World War I, which began a month after Franz Ferdinand's death, with Austria-Hungary's declaration of war against Serbia.. The assassination of Ferdinand is considered the most immediate cause of World War I..Franz Ferdinand is interred with his wife Sophie in
Artstetten Castle, Austria...

The great Russian author Fiodor Dostoyevsky predicted that Communism would come from Europe and that its introduction would claim tens of millions of victims and that Communism would be a catastrophe for mankind.. In the same vein, the exiled Russian philosopher Nikolai Berdyayev, in his book "The Meaning of History" (1923), warned about an ever darker anti-humanist period presaging an apocalyptic horror...Here I should mention something about the background to the First World War. It was revealed during the trial of Gavrilo Princip and Nedelko Cabrinovic, the assassins of Franz Ferdinand (the heir to the Austrian throne), that the French Masonic organization Grand Orient was behind the assassination plans, and not the Serbian nationalist organization the Black Hand..This enormous provocation had been planned in Paris in 1912 at 16 Rue Cadets, the headquarters of Grand Orient.. Nedelko Cabrinovic revealed in court how the freemasons had sentenced Franz Ferdinand to death. He learned this from the freemason Ziganovic (it was he who gave the Jewish assassin Princip a Browning pistol). Princip was also a freemason..It has also been kept secret that an attempt was made to murder Grigori Rasputin in Pokrovskoye in Siberia at exactly the same time. Rasputin was the magician of the Tsar's court and the Tsarina's favorite and was decidedly against Russia being drawn into a major war. (Colin Wilson "The Occult", London, 1971, p. 500.).. At the same time, the plan was that the world war would diminish the success of the Germans on the international market, according to the historian Gary Allen..Karl Heise published the British freemasons' map of Europe from 1888.. The map presented the new national borders of Europe, which became reality after the First World War. (Pekka Ervast, "Vapaamuurareiden kadonnut sana" / "The Freemasons' Lost Word", Helsinki, 1965, p. 78.).. Parvus had explained to Lenin that the organisation of the revolution needed money and that even more money was needed to stay in power. Parvus knew what he was talking about, since he acted as a financial adviser to both the Turks and the Bulgarians during the Balkan wars, 1912-13. At the same time he became immensely rich through his own arms deals.. Parvus had worked from Salonica in Greece, where he got into contact with the powerful local Masonic organization..The most important force behind him was Prince Volpi di Misurata -perhaps the most powerful man in Venice - who helped Parvus with finance, deals and Masonic contacts. It was this Volpi who, in October 1922, brought the socialist-fascist Benito Mussolini into power, making the King appoint him prime minister..He was also behind the founding of Libya in 1934.. Mussolini had been especially pleased with the murder of the Russian Prime Minister Stolypin, whom he called "the tyrant by the Neva" in an article. Volpi became minister of finance in Mussolini's government. Volpi had been in the centre of the financial circles that provoked the Balkan War in 1912-13..(The New Federalist, 11th of September 1987.)... hands on the wheel, Mr. Jones, I'm a very nervous passenger..Now, don't worry, Quarrel. Everything's going to be fine..Tell me Miss Trench, do you play any other games?..

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