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In the ancient world, the hierarchy focused on the Sun because they knew its effect at a deep level, while the masses worshipped the Sun because its heat and light had an obvious and crucial role in ensuring an abundant harvest. In the same way, an initiate of the esoteric knowledge will read the Bible differently to a Christian or Jewish believer. The initiate will recognize the symbolism, the numerology and the esoteric codes, while the believer takes the text literally So the same text acts as a means of passing on esoteric knowledge to the initiated and creates a prison-religion for the masses who are not initiated..

Manly P. Hall,said that black magic dictated the state religion in Egypt and that the intellectual and spiritual activities of the people were paralyzed by complete obedience to the dogma formulated by the priestcraft...
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5/02/05 Alan Watt: China Agenda, 33 to 360 Degree Masons, Occult Symbols - Sweet Liberty - YouTube

TOPICS: Society Running Faster, U.S. Service Industry, CFR 1937 Australia Meeting-China would be the Manufacture for the World, China & the Mass Man - Culture, China set up as Manufacturers of the World, West Training Engineers for China, Service - Ice - to stop, Chemtrails, Barium, AL=After Lucifer's Fall, Prometheus, 4000BC a New Plan Began, Masonic Lodges, Billy Graham 33rd Degree Freemasons, Media Controlling the Minds, Life Begins at 40, Below 33rd Degree, Black Lodge, Mason & Obeying, Mason Testing, 360 Degree Masons, OTO, Aleister Crowley, MI6, 360 Degree Circle, Serpent Eating Tale, Paying for Degrees, Solar Cult, Stellar Cult, Star of David & Swastika in Ancient India, Sun Walking Across the Sky, He Who Walks the Sky, Luke Skywalker, 13, Plato, Culture Creation, Music Given to Each Age, BBC, Beatles=Sacred Stones Meaning, Ashlars - Perfectly Shaped Stone, Rolling Stones, Beatles Esoteric Message, Knighting Paul McCarthy, LSD, Elvis - El, V, S meaning...

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