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Arrow Anton Turkul

Prince Anton Turkul was an army general in Tsarist Russia. After the 1917 revolution, he joined the counter-revolutionary White Army.He was eventually evacuated via Gallipoli to Paris by the French Government. Once in Paris, he worked closely with General Alexander Kutepov's White Russian Armed Services Union..He went on to become an agent of MI6 officer Dick Ellis. In Belgrade in 1930, Turkul and another MI6 agent, Claudius Voss created a new Russian emigré group, the Narodnyi Trudovoy Soyuz (NTS).

During the Second World War, Turkul was part of the Max-Klatt spy network, which channelled Russian disinformation to the Germans..In May 1943, Turkul attempted to make contact with Allen Dulles' OSS station in Berne. After initial failure, he turned to Prince Irakly Bagration as a go-between..During the latter part of the war, Turkul commanded a unit of Vlasov men against Tito's partisans..By the end of the war, Turkul was in Austria, where he set up a "Russian National Central Committee." He was subsequently employed by the US Strategic Services Unit, looking for communist agents among the refugees heading down the post-war ratlines..

In 1946, a joint British-American Special Counter-Intelligence Unit used Turkul to recruit his old colleague Voss.. An investigation by the US Counter-Intelligence Corps (CIC), meanwhile concluded that Turkul was an opportunist..In July, Turkul left Salzburg for Germany and tried to get to South America, a course which was seen as evidence he was not a communist agent. In September, he was arrested along with two other figures from the Max-Klatt network Richard Kauder and Ira Longin, and taken to Oberursel in the US zone, where Turkul was interrogated by the CIC and by Gilbert Ryle of MI6..

Army interrogator Arnold M. Silver wrote of Turkul:

SSU (Strategic Services Unit-the successor to the OSS until the CIA was established) in Frankfurt, with which I had close liaison, somehow became fascinated with "the Turkul case." Turkul was in fact a useless oaf who had lent his name to the Klatt network as the man who allegedly recruited sources in the USSR. He never recruited even one source, although Klatt managed to convince the Abwehr that Turkul was one of his principal agents..

Turkul was released in mid-1947 and was resumed leadership of the NTS, which eventually acquired the patronage of the Gehlen Organisation. From 1948, he attempted to merge the various Russian ant-communist groups, founding the Combat Union for the Liberation of the Peoples of Russia..In late 1955, when MI6 pulled out of NTS operations in the Soviet Union, they assured the Americans that Prince Turkul had not been a Soviet double agent...

Allen Welsh Dulles was deputy director of the CIA, then director, a job he held for a record 8½ years..Following the First World War, Dulles served as an American diplomat with the American Commission to Negotiate the Peace at Versailles. In the 1920s, he served as the chief of the Near Eastern Division at the State Department, and as US representative on various arms conferences..In that capacity, Dulles carefully monitored negotiations over Iraqi oil. In 1924, he told Standard Oil's Walter Teagle that the concession claimed by the European-backed Turkish Petroleum Company was invalid..Dulles became a director of the Council on Foreign Relations in 1927, the first new director since the Council's founding in 1921.. He was secretary of the CFR from 1933 to 1944..According to one BSC document, Dulles intervened in March 1942 to have the British hold their American propaganda campaign against I.G.. Farben, on the grounds that "this might involve large American companies like Standard Oil of New Jersey, etc., thereby perhaps impairing the war effort." Thomas Mahl's account of this episode notes that Dulles was himself a former attorney for Standard Oil..Dulles briefed a Congressional Committee considering the formation of the CIA on 27 June 1947..

Dulles and Frank Wisner were briefed on Project Artichoke, the CIA's experimental program on the use of LSD and other drugs for interrogation purposes on 12 May 1952.On 8 January 1960, Dulles ordered Bissell to organise a task force to overthrow Castro.. Dulles approved an expanded program, Project Ultra, a few months later..Eisenhower approved an operation to support Tibetan guerrillas against the Chinese following a briefing by Dulles and Desmond FitzGerald in February 1960..At the direction of President Eisenhower, Dulles established Operation 40, a CIA-backed hit squad that is heavily implicated in the assassination of JFK. As well heavily implication in the plot to kill JFK, Dulles was central to its cover-up. On November 29, 1963, the new President Lyndon Baines Johnson appointed Dulles as one of se7en commissioners of the Warren Commission to perpare an official narrative of the assassination of JFK..According to his sister, Eleanor, Dulles had "at least a hundred" extramarital affairs, including some during his tenure with the CIA...
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