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Arrow Special Services Group

Special Services Group Insignia outside SSG former Headquarters at Cherat..The Special Services Group (SSG) is a special operations force of the Pakistan Army. It is quite similar to the U.S. Army's Special Forces and the British Army's SAS..The SSG a Division sized group is headquartered at Tarbela, is headed by a Major-General and divided into ten battalions, the actual strength of which are classified..Tarbela (Hindko/Urdu: تربیله), also called Turbela or Torbela (Pashto: تور بېله‎, meaning Black Forest), is one of the 44 union councils, administrative subdivision, of Haripur District in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan..It gave its name for the Tarbela Dam, located nearby,and is the 2nd largest in terms of dam volume in the world..It has a reservoir area of about 260 square kilometers and about 82,000 acres land was acquired for its construction. The large reservoir of the dam submerged 135 villages, which resulted in displacement of a population of about 96,000 people.. For the land and built-up property acquired under the Land Acquisition Act of 1984, a cash compensation of Rs 469.65 million was paid to the affectees. In the absence of a national policy, resettlement concerns of the affectees of Tarbela Dam were addressed on adhoc basis..On 1st Baisakh, the Hindu inhabitants of the vicinity and of the Hazara plain assemble to bathe in the Indus river.. The assembly is of a religious character, and is kept up for two days..

SSG Pak was raised by amalgamating 17/10th Baloch (19 Baloch) and 312 Garrison Company. Based out of Cherat and Attock, the SSG was created in 1956. That year, 19 Baloch was selected for conversion to a special operation force. As a result of this, the SSG has inherited many of the traditions and insignia of the Baloch Regiment..The SSG guerrillas were initially deployed along the Afghan border to repel Afghan incursions into Pakistan, but their first major deployment came during the war of 1965..The performance of the SSG in 1971 was much better, with 1 Commando Battalion making a spectacular raid on an Indian artillery regiment, disabling several of their guns and inflicting casualties..During the Soviet war in Afghanistan, the SSG was deployed, disguised as Afghans and provided support to the Mujahideen fighting the Soviets...Author Aukai Collins, in the book My Jihad, reports that Pakistani commandos have engaged the Soviet Airborne Forces in a battle that had taken place in 1986 or 1987, when the Soviet Army had inserted about 3,000 Spetsnaz-aided paratroopers in an attempt to advance all the way to the Pakistani border. About three hundred Pakistani commandos teamed up with 500 mujaheddin and fought the Spetsnaz for 27 days..The SSG was also active on the eastern border with India and they have fought in Siachen. In the Kargil war SSG performed rather well in the initial stages, infiltrating relatively deep into Indian territory undetected as sheep herders..

Pakistan deployed 300 Commandos of the elite SSG-Special Service Group in 2010 in order to aide Saudi Arabia and Yemen to defeat the Houthi rebels in Yemen who were mounting a violent insurgency against both countries, during the Operation Scorched Earth..Skirmishes and the clashes between the two sides during 2009 began in June.. Nine foreigners were abducted in June while apparently on a picnic in Saada Province.. The bodies of 3 of them, a South Korean teacher and two German nurses were discovered..5 Germans, including 3 children, and a Briton are still missing and their status is unknown. It is still unclear who is behind the kidnapping.. Initial official statements said the group was apparently seized by Houthi rebels. However, Yemen's news agency later reported Houthi rebels accused drug cartels of abducting the group and killing the three.. In addition, a spokesman for the rebels accused regional tribes of being behind the kidnappings and slayings..The exact breakdown of the casualties is unknown as neither side has released any casualty figures. However, news reports as of February 6, 2010 claimed that the Yemeni government suffered at least 126 casualties, including 19 tribal fighters, 2 generals, Sa'dah's regional security chief and 3 security guards..The Yemeni government also claimed to have killed 600 Houthi fighters in the first two months of the offensive although this cannot be verified..On January 23, 2010, the Saudi government released new figures confirming 133 soldiers had been killed and 6 were still missing...

Recently, SSG has been active in anti-terrorist operations in Pakistan's restive western borders with Afghanistan and fighting Islamic extremists in Pakistani cities such as the Lal Masjid siege in the operation of generals headquarters in Rawalpindi and the Navy's SSG(N) took part in the PNS mehran operation..India believes that Pakistan's Baloch Regiment led the attack on LoC in 2013 January and that troops from the Special Services Group killed the Indian soldiers and beheaded them.. Indians claimed that Baloch regiment's honour made them try and argue with SSG to not mutilating the bodies of Indian soldiers but SSG acted ignoring Baloch officer. Later in 2013 August, a patrol team of 5 Indian soldiers were killed 450 meter inside Indian territory, which also Indians believe as an action by SSG..In September 1986, Pan Am Flight 73 was hijacked by terrorists while it was refuelling in Karachi.. As negotiations stalled and the terrorists started to kill passengers, SSG stormed the plane..Pakistani special forces have 7 battalions..SSG conducts regular (bi-annual) exercises with the Turkish Special Forces which have been designated as the "Ataturk" series. ..The SSG also conducts exercises with Chinese special forces.. In 2006, China and Pakistan conducted an 8-day exercise called the Pakistan-China Joint Exercise Friendship-2006..SSG has also been reported to train with the Jordanian Royal Special Forces and Iranian Quds Force and conducts training for special forces of other Middle Eastern countries at Cherat..Major General Aboobaker Osman Mitha is known as the Father of Special Service Group of Pakistan Army...Major General Aboobaker Osman Mitha was born in 1923 to an affluent and politically influential Sindhi Memon family in Bombay.. Mitha grew up in Bombay, spending his childhood and early years under the influence of a joint-family system presided over by an imperious grandfather and an omnipresent,
all-phowerful grandmother... object of terrorism is terrorism.. The object of oppression is oppression.. The object of torture is torture.. The object of murder is murder.. The object of power is power.. Now do you begin to understand me..Every war when it comes, or before it comes, is represented not as a war but as an act of self-defense against a homicidal maniac...

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