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Arrow Deism

BBC Southern Eye Freemasonry 2000 ...
Comments posted just incase the video gets taken down...

chris77777777ify 3 months ago

They are gay. Who use the numbers of the group to feel big & powerful............but in reality on their own are gay, weak men, who are nobodies

They use God to justify all of their actions.. A mafia.

its these men who think mass immigration is good............most have a moral view on life, but little have any understanding of economics.

Its always a moral voice about mass immigration, stating its bad to talk about mass its a sin.............religion pollutes the mind.
They are fucked right up. Most have been brainwashed over the years..


they took blood oaths because the king, if England had one, who would be grand master head of freemasonry & head of the church of England...

bill coop
2 years ago

In Lyme Regis councillor Lovell and Wiscombes the builders are both masons which explains the massive planning corruption there - I have enough articles from the local paper alone to write a small book on the subject. But the worst part is the town clerk Mr Lewis who is not a part of the Lyme Lodge, but is either the head of this criminal organisation that calls itself a village, or he is under preasuse to keep his mouth closed. I the names of these Lyme masons, and individually they are nothing..

11bensamuel11 2 years ago in reply to Malcolm Pagett

they know nothing as individuals but as a brotherhood they know all. the new world order...
Maybe this is the reason the UK is going to the dogs is turning into a real overcrowded shit hole ...

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