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Lightbulb Angelo Fusco

Angelo Fusco (born 2 September 1956) is a former volunteer in the Belfast Brigade of the Provisional Irish Republican Army (IRA) who escaped during his 1981 trial for killing a Special Air Service (SAS) officer in 1980..Fusco was born in west Belfast in 1956, to a family with an Italian background who owned a fish and chip shop.. He joined the Belfast Brigade of the IRA and was part of a four-man active service unit, along with Joe Doherty and Paul Magee, which operated in the late 1970s and early 1980s nicknamed the "M60 gang" due to their use of an M60 heavy machine gun..On 9 April 1980 the unit lured the Royal Ulster Constabulary (RUC) into an ambush on Stewartstown Road, killing one constable and wounding 2 others...The trial of Fusco and the other members of the M60 gang began in early May 1981, with them facing charges including 3 counts of murder.. On 10 June Fusco and se7en other prisoners, including Joe Doherty and the other members of the IRA unit, took a prison officer hostage at gunpoint in Crumlin Road Jail.. After locking the officer in a cell, the 8 took other officers and visiting solicitors hostage, also locking them in cells after taking their clothing..2 of the 8 wore officer's uniforms while a 3rd wore clothing taken from a solicitor, and the group moved towards the first of 3 gates separating them from the outside world...

Fusco was arrested at a Garda checkpoint in Castleisland, County Kerry on 3 January 2000.. The following day he was being escorted back to Northern Ireland to be handed over to the RUC, when his handover was halted by a successful court appeal by Sinn Féin.. The arrest and abortive return of Fusco undermined the Northern Ireland peace process, with Unionist politicians including Ken Maginnis criticising the extradition being halted.. Republicans were critical of Fusco's arrest, with leading Sinn Féin member Martin Ferris stating "The Irish government should immediately move to rescind the warrant against Angelo Fusco. The action will cause great anger and resentment within the nationalist community", and graffiti in one republican area read "Extradite Bloody Sunday war criminals, not Fusco"..On 6 January Fusco was refused bail and remanded to prison in Castlerea, County Roscommon to await a legal review of his extradition, prompting scuffles outside the court between police and Sinn Féin supporters..

Fusco was freed on bail on 21 March pending the outcome of his legal challenge, and in November 2000 the Irish government informed the High Court that it was no longer seeking to return him to Northern Ireland. This followed a statement from Secretary of State for Northern Ireland Peter Mandelson saying that "it is clearly anomalous to pursue the extradition of people who appear to qualify for early release under the Good Friday Agreement scheme, and who would, on making a successful application to the Sentence Review Commissioners, have little if any of their original prison sentence to serve".. After the court hearing Fusco stated "I'm relieved it's over", and that he would continue to live in Tralee with his family and work for Sinn Féin.. In December 2000 Fusco and three other IRA members, including two other members of the M60 gang, were granted a Royal Prerogative of Mercy which allowed them to return to Northern Ireland without fear of prosecution..

Person of Interest..Lionel P. Fusco.. is a police detective who was previously with NYPD 51st Precinct Vice Squad, which they became corrupted, even Fusco himself, but he did it for personal loyalty rather than greed. John Reese gave him a chance for redemption. At first John had to blackmail him with the death of a murdered fellow officer, but later he became loyal to Reese and Finch. They arranged for him to be transferred to the 8th Precinct Homicide Task Force where he worked with Carter. He at first is unaware of Carter's work with them, but later he learns about it and both of them help Finch and Reese. He continues to serve as their contact after Carter is demoted to beat cop. Like Carter, he is unaware of the Machine's existence. He has an ex-wife and a young son... history, the circumpunct has been all things to all people — it is the sun god Ra, alchemical gold, the all-seeing eye, the singularity point before the Big Bang...

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