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Lightbulb Joseph Vacher

Joseph Vacher (November 16, 1869 РDecember 31, 1898) was a French serial killer, sometimes known as "The French Ripper" or "L'éventreur du Sud-Est" ("The South-East Ripper") due to comparisons to the more famous Jack the Ripper murderer of London, England in 1888.. His scarred face, accordion, and plain, white, handmade rabbit-fur hat became his trademark appearance..The son of an illiterate farmer, young Joseph was sent to a very strict Catholic school, where he was taught to obey and to fear God.. Seeking escape from the intense poverty of his childhood as the 15th child of a peasant family, he joined the army in 1892.. Frustrated by slow promotion and no recognition and infused with the grandiose belief that he was not receiving the attention he deserved, Vacher attempted to kill himself for the first time by slicing his throat.. This would prove to be the first of two unsuccessful suicide attempts...

During a three-year period beginning in 1894, Vacher murdered and mutilated at least 11 people (one woman, 5 teenage girls, and 5 teenage boys). Many of them were shepherds watching their flocks in isolated fields. The victims were stabbed repeatedly, often disemboweled, raped, and sodomized. Vacher was a drifter, travelling from town to town, from Normandy to Provence, staying mainly in the southeast of France, and surviving by begging or working on farms as a day laborer. By most accounts, he appeared unkempt and frightening, wandering from town to town as a vagrant in filthy clothes, begging in the streets and surviving on the scraps he received from anyone who spared him a kindness..

After his arrest, Vacher claimed he was insane and attempted to prove it in a variety of ways. He claimed that a rabid dog's bite had poisoned his blood, causing madness, but later blamed the quack cure he received for the bite. He also claimed he was sent by God, comparing himself to Joan of Arc.. Despite his protestations, he was pronounced sane after a lengthy investigations by a team of doctors which included the eminent professor Alexandre Lacassagne. He was tried and convicted by the Cour d'Assises of Ain, the county where he had murdered two of his victims, and was sentenced to death on October 28, 1898. Vacher was executed by guillotine two months later, at dawn on December 31, 1898. Reluctant if not insane, he refused to walk to the scaffold under his own power and was dragged to the guillotine by the executioners..He confessed to 11 murders, but Vacher’s final toll was believed to be between 25 and 27 murders, rapes and other violent felonies, committed between 1893 and 1897... you want to know the outcome of a game before the game has even started, you need to control each side..The crimson woman has quite a few adversaries, just as she is connected with powerful allies. How can I say exactly who they are — some group specializing in art=magic, no doubt, but I can't just say, with a fatuous certainty, "Yes, it must be some particular gang of illuminati," or esoteric scientists, as so many have begun styling themselves these days...

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