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"The World Is Not Enough" is a patently Atonist motto found being used in the James Bond media franchise. Ostensibly the motto of the Bond family: Orbis non sufficit, it really refers to the designs of the Atonists for the conquest of the whole world. The world is to be their new empire to take the place for the one lost. Theirs is the "New World Order," theirs the Global Empire, the New Egypt, the New Israel.. We find the story of the "Bond" motto in the first film of the long running action series, "On Her Majesty's Secret Service." The location is the College of Arms in London. Every country and nation in the world, and every state must apply to this college to be awarded the right to bear a flag or heraldic device.. All flags bear similar solar, stellar, and Masonic motifs - and are all bestowed from London.. The Bond 007 series of movies are loaded with occult symbolism and "whistle-blowing" anecdotes concerning the Atonist plan for mankind.. Genetics is a major theme of the first Bond movie, but that is merely the tip of the symbolic trove..

Charles Augustus Crow (March 31, 1873 - March 20, 1938 (aged 64) Member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Missouri's 14th district..Sikeston was used as a transportation connection as Union Brigadier General Pope sent his artillery across the river to Commerce, Missouri, to be sent by rail to Sikeston for cart transportation to New Madrid, Missouri, in preparation for the Battle of Island Number Ten...

Number Ten (Aten/Aton) Downing St, in London.. The rose window above the door contains 8 panes symbolizing the sun.. There are 8 solar flames and one Martian arrow representing the sign of Aries and Mars, planet of war.. The knocker is styled as an Atonist lion.. The same symbols can be seen on the portal of the Council on Foreign Relations in New York City..

After the IRA mortar attack in 1991, the original black oak door was replaced by a blast-proof steel one. Regularly removed for refurbishment and replaced with a replica, it is so heavy that it takes 8 men to lift it.. The brass letterbox still bears the legend "First Lord of the Treasury".. The original door was put on display in the Churchill Museum at the Cabinet War Rooms...

“It's the oldest question of all, George.. Who can spy on the spies?” raccontò in maniera semplice ma precisa, come un buon soldato rievoca una battaglia, non più col sapore della vittoria o della sconfitta ma unicamente con l'emozione del ricordo..

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