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Cool Illuminati is a red herring.

I think there is so much blatant symbolism being banded about in the public domain at the moment, this warrented a thread of it's own.
We are here to sort out the wheat from the tares, and since my friend's eleven year old boy came in recently crowing about lizard people and the illuminati, we need to be wary of the disinformation circulating which can easily discredit valid research.
I for one no more believe in an organisation going by the name IlluminatI than I do in the terror network named Al Quaeda.
In both cases we are taking about a blanket term for many disparate organisations, some coordinated to act together, some not. After all the word Al Quaeda banded about by those who think they know, was coined by the CIA and simply means " The Database" in Arabic.
It's the same with the illuminati, it's a name coined by researchers to describe something which defies description. The so called " illuminati" do not call themselves that.
Illuminati, I'm afraid belongs back in renaissance Bavaria, and in novels by those dangerous founts of disinformation, Dan Brown and Brad Meltzer (where many people first encounter the term)
I think David and others have done themselves a disservice in talking about the " Illuminati" as if it were one thing. If there is a coordinated force, it is within the ranks of the highest level Masonic orders, who of course, do model themselves on the Knights Templer as custodians of forbidden knowledge.
The CIA, FEMA, G4S, the Trilateral commission, NATO, NSA, Council for Foreign Relations, Bilderberg, Monsanto, Bohemia Grove and the British monarchy are all instrumental in the plot for a New World Order.
The silly pop videos of eyes and pyramids are nothing but a smokescreen to catch the attention of my friend's young son, and other kids like him, and point the finger at a bogeyman, who in this form can't exist, the effort to discredit serious researchers and trivialize a dangerous subject.

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