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In 1980, the USS Nimitz takes on a civilian observer, systems analyst Warren Lasky , on the orders of his reclusive and mysterious employer, Mr. Tideman (who helped design much of the ship), just before it departs Pearl Harbour for a training mission in the Pacific Ocean..Out in the Pacific, the ship encounters a strange storm-like vortex which disappears after the ship passes through it.. Initially unsure of what has happened, and having lost radio contact with Pacific Fleet Command, Captain Matthew Yelland launches reconnaissance aircraft which discover an intact Pacific battleship fleet at Pearl Harbour... is the captain, I am speaking to every man aboard this ship. In the past few hours many things have happened; rumors of nuclear attacks and a third world war are totally untrue.. We have no reason to believe that any aggression has been taken against our homes our families. I believe what we stumbled across is not man-made but a phenomena of nature...

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