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The Triumphant Entry - YouTube...

A street organ is a mechanical organ designed to play in the street.. The operator of a street organ is called an organ grinder.. The two main types are the smaller German street organ and the larger Dutch street organ..Exceptionally, the grinder could be a woman, or small child, cranking away on a smaller organ or on a large organ mounted on a pushcart that was sometimes pulled by a DonKey.. The grinder would often have as a companion a white-headed capuchin monkey to do tricks and attract attention.. The monkey would collect the money from the audience and sometimes collect other shiny objects that attracted his attention.. After numerous complaints about the sometimes vicious creatures, New York City authorities finally banned organ grinders' monkeys from the streets in 1887... the state, Caligula, though the people in it are wicked beasts..Longinus, you're not having any fun!Enjoy yourself! What is your preference?..Everything and nothing Caesar...

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