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Lightbulb Nuestra Familia

Members of Nuestra Familia are known to wear red bandanas to identify themselves.. Other symbols include use of the number 14 or XIV, as the letter "N" is the 14th letter of the English alphabet.. Nuestra Familia members often use the image of a sombrero with a machete as their gang symbol..The Fourteen Holy Helpers were a group of saints formerly venerated together by Roman Catholics..The number of muqatta'at in the Qur'an..The number of Infalliables (Masoomeen) in Shia Ithna-Asheri Islam..The number of pieces the body of Osiris was torn into by his fratricidal brother Set..The number of years of Rama's exile in the forests in Hinduism...

Messier object M14, a magnitude 9.5 globular cluster in the constellation Ophiuchus..The brightest stars in Ophiuchus include α Ophiuchi, called Ras Alhague ("head of the serpent charmer"), at magnitude 2.07, and η Ophiuchi, known as Sabik ("the preceding one"), at magnitude 2.43.. Other bright stars in the constellation include β Ophiuchi, Cebalrai ("heart of the shepherd") and λ Ophiuchi, or Marfik ("the elbow")...

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