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EgyptAir Flight 648 was a Boeing 737-200 airliner, registered SU-AYH, hijacked on November 23, 1985 by the terrorist organization Abu Nidal. The subsequent raid on the aircraft by Egyptian troops resulted in dozens of deaths, making the hijacking of Flight 648 one of the deadliest such incidents in history. (The same aircraft had been diverted by Grumman F-14 Tomcat Fighter jets of the U.S. Navy a month earlier, after the Achille Lauro hijacking on October 7.)..On November 23, 1985, Flight 648 (18) took off at 8pm on its Athens-to-Cairo route.. Ten minutes after takeoff, three Palestinian members of Abu Nidal hijacked the aircraft. The terrorists, calling themselves the Egypt Revolution, were heavily armed with guns and grenades.. The terrorist leader, Omar Rezaq, proceeded to check all passports.. At this point, an Egyptian Security Service agent, Mustafa Kamal, aboard opened fire, killing one terrorist before being wounded along with two flight attendants. In the exchange of fire the fuselage was punctured, causing a rapid depressurization.. The aircraft was forced to descend to 14,000 feet (4,300 m) to allow the crew and passengers to breathe.

Libya was the original destination for the hijackers, but due to negative publicity the hijacking would have had if flown to Libya and the fact that the plane did not have enough fuel, Malta was chosen as a more suitable option. The aircraft was running dangerously low on fuel, experiencing serious pressurization problems and carrying a number of wounded passengers. However, Maltese authorities did not give permission for the aircraft to land (the Maltese government had previously refused permission to other hijacked aircraft, including on September 27, 1982 when an Alitalia aircraft was hijacked on its way to Italy). The EgyptAir 648 hijackers insisted, and forced the pilot, Hani Galal, to land at Luqa Airport. As a last-ditch attempt to stop the landing, the runway lights were switched off, but the pilot managed to land the damaged aircraft safely..Without warning, around an hour and a half before the planned time of the raid, Egyptian commandos attacked the passenger doors and luggage compartment doors with explosives.. Bonnici claimed that these unauthorized explosions caused the internal plastic of the plane to catch fire, causing widespread suffocation. On the other hand, the Times of Malta, quoting sources at the airport on the day, held that when the hijackers realized that they were being attacked, they lobbed hand grenades into the passenger area, killing people and starting the fire aboard.. Both the Egyptian explosives and the hijackers' grenades could have been responsible for the fire and deaths..November 25 – An "Aeroflot" Antonov AN-12 cargo airplane, en route from Cuito Cuanavale to Luanda, is shot down by South African Special Forces, and crashes approximately 43 km of Menongue, the provincial center of the Cuando Cubango province, Angola, killing 8 crew members and 13 passengers on board\ 26 – U.S. President Ronald Reagan sells the rights to his autobiography to Random House (Founded 1927) for a record US$3 million/29 – GĂ©rard Hoarau, exiled political leader from the Seychelles, is
assassinated in London by an unidentified gunman, on the doorstep of his London home...

Omar Mohammed Ali Rezaq is the only surviving hijacker of EgyptAir Flight 648. He was a member of Abu Nidal.. The plane was hijacked by a group of three people. The remaining two hijackers were killed, either during in-flight shooting with the plane's sky-marshal, Methad Mustafa Kamal, or after Egyptian commandos stormed the hijacked plane..Omar Rezaq had given his name as Omar Marzouki and used a Tunisian passport when boarding the plane at Athens airport, but later admitted that he is of Palestinian origin and was born in Lebanon in 1963..Rezaq served only se7en years in Malta and was released.. As a free man under an assumed name, he went to Accra, Ghana and remained there until July 1993..Rezaq flew to Lagos, Nigeria in July 1993 and was arrested and extraordinary renditioned by FBI agents, who flew him to the United States..Omar Mohmamed Rezaq, register number 20267-016, is imprisoned at Marion USP..Decisions taken by the Maltese government drew criticism from overseas. The United States protested to Malta about U.S. personnel sent to resolve the issue having been confined to Air Squadron HQ and the U.S. Embassy in Floriana. The United States had seen the situation as so ‘hot’ that it had ordered a number of its naval ships, including an aircraft carrier, to move toward Malta for contingency purposes..EgyptAir now uses flight number 648 on its Riyadh-Cairo route... has chosen us for a task far greater than Jaffa's freedom.. We are the true soldiers of Islam.. Our destiny is to deliver the vengeance of Allah into the belly of the infidel.. Can you hook up a probe so that I can see into the main cabin on this monitor?..Would a video camera work?..
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