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Arrow Training the Guardians

The technique that’s used on the public is as old as can be. Old as mankind himself and you’ll find in Plato’s "Republic" where he talks about the ideal world utopian society run by a dominant minority called the guardians.

They used all of the techniques of culture creation and culture creation is done by drama primarily, and symbolism, paintings, architecture, it puts ideas across to people; and in drama the onlookers actually emulate what they see. The acting societies prefer to say they reflect society, but amongst themselves they admit they help create culture, alter culture and direct culture. THAT’S THE JOB OF THE CULTURE CREATORS, and again going back to Plato, he also talks about music and that music was a powerful, powerful force for directing the minds of the young.


It was so powerful that Plato actually talked about LICENSING MUSICIANS because the effect it could have on the youth and he knew that too because he had followed Socrates. Socrates had to drink the hemlock because Socrates was secretly teaching the youth (the aristocratic youth) into the mysteries and he was teaching them that one day they could rebel and bring in a new type of utopian order. The same as Pythagoras had done long before...

People basically are downloaded by entertainment into the ways that they will adopt and behave—with ideas, music, fashion, everything goes together to create culture. Poetry of course was big in the 1800's and then radio and television took over big time from then. If you want to plant ideas in a psychological warfare scenario to disengage the public from a reality, you do it again through fiction, through the process of fascinating fiction, and then you take it into a realm of a twilight zone between fiction and reality by mixing the two together; so bits of truth with fantasy, wide speculation and then you build on it. You build the structure. You build the concept within someone’s mind. The builders, the master builders – that’s what they mean by that, and it’s done over many years. An idea can take many years and even some generations to fulfill...

In order to fulfill their proper functions, these people will have to be special human beings indeed. Plato hinted early on that one of their most evident characteristics will be a temperamental inclination toward philosophical thinking. As we've already seen in the Apology and in the Phaedo, it is the philosopher above all others who excels at investigating serious questions about human life and at judging what is true and best. But how are personal qualities of this sort to be fostered and developed in an appropriate number of individual citizens? (Republic 376d)

The answer, Plato believed, was to rely upon the value of a good education. (Remember, he operated his own school at Athens!) We'll have an opportunity to consider his notions about higher education later, but his plan for the elementary education of guardians for the ideal state appears in Book III. Its central concern is an emphasis on achieving the proper balance of many disparate components—physical training and musical performance along with basic intellectual development.

One notable feature of this method of raising children is Plato's demand for strict censorship of literary materials, especially poetry and drama. He argued that early absorption in fictional accounts can dull an person's ability to make accurate judgments regarding matters of fact and that excessive participation in dramatic recitations might encourage some people to emulate the worst behavior of the tragic heros. (Republic 395c) Worst of all, excessive attention to fictional contexts may lead to a kind of self-deception, in which individuals are ignorant of the truth about their own natures as human beings. (Republic 382b) Thus, on Plato's view, it is vital for a society to exercise strict control over the content of everything that children read, see, or hear. As we will later notice, Aristotle had very different ideas.

Training of the sort described here (and later) is intended only for those children who will eventually become the guardians of the state. Their performance at this level of education properly determines both whether they are qualified to do so and, if so, whether each of them deserves to be a ruler or a soldier. A society should design its educational system as a means to distinguish among future citizens whose functions will differ and to provide training appropriate to the abilities of each...
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