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Default Nightmares In A Damaged Brain: Part II

Yesterday I had a much needed cleaning-out of the many bookmarks I have accumulated when I was surprised to see that the Wikipedia entry for David Hamilton Grant had seen a fair few recent edits/additions.

Please note: this is necessarily a long & repetitive post, so feel free to skip it in its entirety should you so wish.

What caught my attention was the claimed identity of the determined Wiki-collaborator: none other than Clive Godden.
[It is fair to say that had I never noticed what I considered to be a curious coincidence relating to this character, I would not now, many months later, be writing this post: cheers, Clive! In fact, my sole aim in registering here was to seek information & to help clear up a few doubts. My first post explains:]

A very quick recap: in 1988 Godden lost his much younger wife, Vanessa, to the younger DHG in a tug-of-love. At this point Godden started to allege that DHG was involved in paedophile-activities and starts to call himself a 'private investigator'. (Previously they had been planning on going in to business together). Two years later Godden was present with Moss/Fay at the inquest into the death of Carol Kasir. The 'Mary Moss Documents' contain the name of DHG. Maloney/Fay to this day claim him as a friend. (In the first Maloney/Fay video, "Nightmares at Elm Guest House", it is Maloney - the interviewer - who introduces the name of DHG into the conversation and they then chat briefly about good old Clive).

I won't go through my concerns again, as they really should be glaringly obvious by now. I will point out, however, that when I was urged to put my faith in Godden I felt unable to do so. Nothing that has transpired since makes me doubt the good sense of that decision.

On to the Wikipedia entries...
Here is a snapshot of the above page:

We can see he is struggling against the Wikipedia-machine, which is quite rightly not keen on unsourced allegations being made. To anyone unfamiliar with the 'Page History' function, normally we are able to read & compare all the versions of a page from its inception. In this case we can see that that is not always available, presumably because the contents were so libelous that they had to be binned.

However, by clicking on the still publicly-available versions we can get a taste of what he would like us to know. The following are all freely available quotes from Wikipedia, which I have not corrected. Although it may seem at first glance that there is repetition there are interesting differences between similar entries:

- "A resident of Turkish Cyprus for most of the 1980s, he left the island under a dark cloud in 1988, following a street brawl with a love rival.[5] The Sun newspaper reported Grant "battered Briton Clive Godden, his girlfriend's husband, on the head with a spade, causing serious injuries". This is partly true yes he did hit Mr. Godden over the head eight times with a pick axe handle, causing Mr. Godden to be taken to hospital where he had eight stiches on his head a spent two week in hospital."

- "David Hamilton Grant was Deported from Turkish Cyprus on 8th June 1988 for Child Pornography by the then President of Turkish Cyprus Rauf Denktas the Private Investigator found 1000 photos, film, negatives, Videos, both Betamax, an VHF of Child Pornography taken at David Hamilton Grants house in Turkish Cyprus, which were given to the President for the Deportation of David Hamilton Grant to Mainland Turkey. This is confirmed by the Private Investigator who is still working on the case now regarding David Hamilton Grants involvement with Elm House in Barnes,London."

- "David Hamilton Grant deported was Deported on the 8th June 1988for Child Pornography by the then President of Turkish Cyprus Rauf Denktas confirmed by the private Investigator who found over 1000 photos, videos, Films, and negatives of Child Pornography which were taken of Turkish Children and Turkish men in David Hamilton's Grants home in Karina Turkish Cyprus. This is confirmed by the private investigator still involved in the on going case with Elm House in Barnes London."

- "On the 3rd July 1989 David Hamilton Grant was to appear in Court for copyright fraud of £3.000,000.F.A.C.T. He did not appear and a Arrest Warrant was issued Number 0266349 on the 13th July 1989. Why the Police have not arrested him is open to speculation, maybe because of his involvement with Elm House and what was going on there with him photography MP,s by the Owner Carol Kazir her Hotel Diary and the Daily Mail and the Private Detective who got him deported from Turkish Cyprus for Child Pornography."

- "On the 3rd July 1989 David Hamilton Grant was to appear in Court for copyright fraud of £3.000,000.F.A.C.T. He did not appear and an Arrest Warrant was issued Number 0266349 on the 13th July 1989. In 1990 David Hamilton Grant was arrested in Side, Turkey in the Tulip Apartments by a special Security Police Squad on the orders of the President of Turkey and was imprisoned along with his wife Vanessa Hamilton Grant. This was reported in all Turkish newspapers in 1990 and by the private investigator who help in his arrest."

- "He is now liked to Elm House by the late Carol Kazirs diary's showing he was the photographer who took the photos which are now being talked about in the English Press regarding MP's"

- "Although press reports have suggested that he died in mysterious circumstances in the early 1990s, these have never been substantiated. This is total untrue he now lives in Messagros, Aegina, Greece. This is again confirmed by the private investigator still involved with the case."

So, to recap:

- Godden seems to state that DHG was the photographer behind, for example, the photo Fay claims to have seen of an ex-Cabinet Minister (the one that Tom Watson MP doesn't believe exists). DHG did, indeed, start out as a photographer but I think the implication has always been that he was involved in the "video-suite" rather than stills.

- The pornography Godden claimed to have found in 1988 involved Turkish men & children. (I'm still unclear as to how Godden conflated this claim with that of Elm 2-years later in 1990, or how he even became involved with Elm, which had closed 6-years previously in 1982. If only the mysterious vanishing 'journalist', "John Oakes" would put in an appearence).

- Godden is the sole source & accuser. This was always a concern of mine, as he had, after all, lost his wife to DHG and apparently continues to this day - 26-years later - photographing/following him.

- Godden appears to bend the facts to suit. Note, for example, how the failure to arrest DHG in 1989 is in one edit presented as a suspicious detail ("...maybe because of his involvement with Elm House..."). Actually, DHG was arrested later. And on other occasions too (drink-driving, for example). And, of course, in 1984 - 2-years after Elm closed - he was imprisioned. I imagine Godden is the type who would use a pair of scissors to help him complete a jigsaw!

One unrelated new snippet of information: DHG directed a film with Genesis P.Orridge & Cosey Fanni Tutti (of COUM Transmissions / Throbbing Gristle fame/infamy)?!? I'd never heard of this before. A veritable rabbit-hole waiting to be fallen down, this one! I'm staying well clear...
[Add: A curiosity I forgot to mention earlier is that they were deemed to be "wreckers of civilisation" by another name which has recently been seen on this thread: Nicholas Fairbairn.]

To finish, I wonder if another ripping yarn is about to be spun in the Daily Express. Or maybe, at last, 26-years later, Clive Godden is finally in receipt of a single piece of tangible evidence to back up his claims. With baited-breath must we wait...

P.S. Anyone having need of a Private Investigator would be advised to look elsewhere. Unless, that is, money is no object. He likes to take his time, does Clive...

P.P.S. 26-years and he still doesn't know how to spell her name!

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