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The action takes place in ancient Rome from AD 64–68, a period after Emperor Claudius' illustrious and powerful reign, during which the new corrupt and destructive Emperor Nero ascends to power and eventually threatens to destroy Rome's previous peaceful order. The main subject is the conflict between Christianity and the corruption of the Roman Empire, especially in the last period of the Julio-Claudian line...

The Julio-Claudian dynasty normally refers to the first 5 Roman Emperors: Augustus, Tiberius, Caligula (also known as Gaius), Claudius, and Nero, or the family to which they belonged; they ruled the Roman Empire from its formation, in the second half of the 1st century (44/31/27) BC, until AD 68, when the last of the line, Nero, committed suicide..Julius and Claudius were two Roman family names; in classical Latin, they came second. Such names are inherited from father to son; but a sonless Roman aristocrat quite commonly adopted an heir, who would also take the family name - this could be done in his will. Thus (Gaius) Julius Caesar adopted his sister's grandson, Gaius Octavius, who became a Julius, eventually named Imperator Caesar Augustus, normally called in English Augustus, the founder of the Empire. The next four emperors were closely related through a combination of blood relation, marriage and adoption..Quo vadis is a Latin phrase meaning
"Where are you going?"...

We find that the actor chosen to depict Saul is the same actor (Finlay Currie) who played Balthazar in Ben Hur (and also St. Peter in Quo Vadis.) Apparently, the makers of the film could not find a more Caucasian-looking actor. What is more, he is yet again dressed in the colors of the Druids. In fact, he wears the colors of each division of the Druidic Order. Blue signified the Ovates or Poets. Purple designated the main body of the Druidic Order and white was reserved for the High Druid...
http://www.irishoriginsofcivilizatio...ces/trees.html Is it possible that human beings can produce such a sound?.. Yes, when they've been pushed too far..Poppaea,one woman shouldn't judge another..She hasn't the glands for it. Ha-ha!..Like the spider who eats her mate when he is no longer a necessity?..Mmm-Hmmm - Something like that...
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