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Lightbulb Pool of London

Crime in the East End has been rife for centuries. Take an intense concentration of people, add appallingly high levels of poverty together with cheap alcohol, and you have a recipe for social disaster. The importing of goods into London, specifically via London Docks encouraged individuals to rob the shipping companies of their cargoes as they were being unloaded – and very little stood in their way...

No police force operated anywhere in London before the 1750s. Until then, crime and civil disorder were dealt with by magistrates and volunteer parish constables, who had strictly limited jurisdiction, and it wasn’t until 1792 that formal, salaried police constables were introduced..

The Metropolitan Police Force were formed in 1829, but it took the force until the mid-19th century to become established in the East End. One of the major East End industries that serviced ships moored off the Pool of London was prostitution, and less than 60 years after its formation, constables in H Division in Whitechapel, headed by a seconded Inspector Frederick Abberline were to be faced with, and ultimately foiled by the still unsolved murders of Jack the Ripper….

London’s first pillar-box 1855-First underground railway opens 1863-The Metropolitan Railway, the world’s first underground railway, opened, running between Paddington and Farringdon. In the first six months of its operation, an average of nearly 28,000 passengers daily made the 18-minute journey..Tower Bridge completed 1894..After 8 years of construction, the Prince of Wales opened Tower Bridge, designed by City Architect Horace Jones. The river had remained navigable during the whole construction. The bascule bridge allowed an opening of 200 feet and headroom of 135 feet, enough to allow access for almost all vessels to the Pool of London..Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee 1897-Queen Victoria arrived at the steps of St Paul’s Cathedral for a service held on 22 June to commemorate her reign of 60 years...

Originally, the Pool was the stretch of the River Thames along Billingsgate on the south side of the City of London where all imported cargoes had to be delivered for inspection and assessment by Customs Officers, giving the area the name of "Legal Quays".. Smuggling, theft and pilferage of cargoes were rife on both the busy open wharves and in the crowded warehouses. The term was later used more generally to refer to the stretch of the river from Rotherhithe upriver to London Bridge, with the venerable bridge being the farthest reach that could be navigated by a tall-masted vessel..Sculptures of Isis and Tamesis by Anne Seymour Damer can be found on Henley Bridge downstream at Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire...

In London, the Duke of Clarence asks Aubrey to accept his illegitimate son Horatio Hanson (whom the Duke refers to as a former shipmate's son, for propriety's sake) as a midshipman. Initially reluctant, Aubrey finds to his surprise and delight that the boy has the mathematical skills essential for a navigator; and he becomes a competent sailor..After leaving England, the Surprise first heads for Sierra Leone in order for Maturin to propose marriage to a young attractive widow living in Freetown. Christine Wood shares his tastes for natural philosophy and appears altogether more level-headed than his late wife Diana..William IV (William Henry; 21 August 1765 – 20 June 1837) was King of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland and of Hanover from 26 June 1830 until his death. William, the third son of George III and younger brother and successor to George IV, was the last king and penultimate monarch of Britain's House of Hanover..He served in the Royal Navy in his youth and was, both during his reign and afterwards, nicknamed the "Sailor King".. He served in North America and the Caribbean, but saw little actual fighting.. Since his two older brothers died without leaving legitimate issue, he inherited the throne when he was 64 years old...

Israel Lipski (1865 – August 21, 1887) born Israel Lobulsk, was a convicted murderer of Polish-Jewish descent living in the East End of London. Lipski worked as an umbrella stick salesman, employing Harry Schmuss and Henry Rosenbloom. The series of events leading up to his execution began on June 28, 1887 when police were summoned to 16 Batty Street; a young woman, Miriam Angel, had been murdered after being forced to consume nitric acid.. She was 6 months pregnant at the time. The Coroner at her inquest was Wynne Edwin Baxter.Israel Schwartz, a man of "Jewish appearance",reported witnessing a woman being assaulted on Berner Street in the early morning of September 30, 1888.. When the unknown man shouted out "Lipski!" to either Schwartz or another man, Schwartz fled. He later identified the woman as Elizabeth Stride, who is thought to have been murdered by Jack the Ripper around that time or shortly after. Police originally investigated whether there was someone in the neighborhood by the name of Lipski. The murder of Miriam Angel had happened the year before only one street away on the same block. Police eventually decided that the term was being used as an ethnic slur against Jews, although there were several Lipskis living in the area..In the event, the jury took only 8 minutes to find Lipski guilty and he was sentenced to hang..The Ratcliff Highway murders (sometimes
Ratcliffe Highway murders) were two vicious attacks on 2 separate families that resulted in se7en fatalities... wife lives only to the day she can see you again, Prince..Jupiter loves ME!..Nerva, what's it like?..Warm, no pain... just drifting away.. Can you see her?..The goddess, Isis...

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