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Lightbulb CarTier

Société Cartier designs, manufactures, distributes and sells jewellery and watches.. Founded in Paris, France in 1847 by Louis-François Cartier, the company remained under family control until 1964. The company maintains its headquarters in Paris and is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Compagnie Financière Richemont SA..Cartier has a long history of sales to royalty and celebrities.. King Edward VII of England referred to Cartier as "the jeweller of kings and the king of jewellers"..For his coronation in 1902, Edward VII ordered 27 tiaras and issued a royal warrant to Cartier in 1904.Similar warrants soon followed from the courts of Spain, Portugal, Russia, Siam, Greece, Serbia, Belgium, Romania, Egypt, Albania, Monaco, and the House of Orleans..

1847 - Louis-François Cartier inherited the jewellery workshop at 29, Rue Montorgueil in Paris from his master Adolphe Picard, founding the house of Cartier-1859 - Cartier moved the workshop to 9, Boulevard des Italiens. Empress Eugénie, wife of Napoleon III and regent of France, became a Cartier client

1856 - Princess Mathilde, niece of Napoleon I and cousin to Emperor Napoleon III, made her first purchase from Cartier.

1888 - Creation of the first ladies jewellery bracelet-watch..

1899 - Cartier moved into the its present-day headquarters at 13, Rue de la Paix..

1902 - Cartier opened a new shop at 4 New Burlington Street in London, on the same day as the coronation of King Edward VII..

1904 - Cartier received its first appointment as official purveyor to King Edward VII of the United Kingdom.

1909 - Second shop in London was opened at 175-176 New Bond Street in London. Pierre Cartier later opened a second shop in New York as well, at 712 5th Avenue.

1917 - The New York store moved to 653 Fifth Avenue, previously the home of Morton F. Plant, which Pierre Cartier bought in exchange for a double-strand necklace of 55 and 73 natural pearls.

1923 - Creation of the first portico mystery clock, crowned with a statuette called Billiken.

1935 - Cartier opened in Monte Carlo.

1938 - Cartier opened in Cannes. One of the smallest wristwatches in the world, by Cartier, was given to Princess Elizabeth of the United Kingdom.

1940 - General de Gaulle founded the Free France movement in London, for which he received Cartier's steadfast support.

1949 - The Duke and Duchess of Windsor bought a platinum panther brooch on a 152.35-carat (30.470 g) Kashmir cabochon sapphire in Paris. Cartier would buy the brooch for its own collection in 1987.

1950 - Creation of a watch in the form of a ship's wheel. The Hollywood actress Gloria Swanson appeared in Sunset Boulevard wearing the two diamond and rock crystal bracelets that she had bought from Cartier in 1930.

1953 - Marilyn Monroe sang "Cartier!" in the film version of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.

1954 - Creation for the Duchess of Windsor of a lorgnette in yellow gold, black enamel and emeralds representing a tiger.

1956 - For her marriage to Prince Rainier, Princess Grace received numerous gifts of jewellery by Cartier including her engagement ring, set with a 12-carat (2.4 g) emerald-cut diamond.

1968 - The Mexican actress María Félix commissioned Cartier to make a diamond necklace in the form of a serpent.

1970 - Opening of Cartier in Hong Kong..1971 - Opening of Cartier in Munich.

1978 - Creation of the Santos de Cartier watch with a gold and steel bracelet. Creation of the first Cartier scarf collection.

1984 - Launch of the second New Jewellery collection on the theme of gold and pearls. Creation of the Fondation Cartier pour l’Art Contemporain in Jouy-en-Josas. Cartier became partner to the International Polo Tournament in Windsor, United Kingdom..

1988 - Launch of the fourth New Jewellery collection on the theme of Egypt..

1997 - Cartier celebrated its 150th anniversary with exceptional Fine Jewellery creations including a necklace in the form of a serpent, paved with diamonds and set with two pear-cut emeralds of 205 and 206 carats (41.2 g). The “Cartier 1900-1939” retrospective was held at the British Museum in London and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

2003 - Launch of the Le Baiser du Dragon and Les Délices de Goa jewellery collections. The Kimberley Process was implemented and Cartier immediately adopted measures to end trade in conflict diamonds..

2006 - Creation of the La Doña de Cartier watch. The first "Love Charity" international fundraising sale was held. Cartier presented a special award for female business entrepreneurs at the Women's Forum..

2012 - Cartier announced the international release of its new "L'Odyssee de Cartier,” a three-and-one-half minute film showing
Cartier's 165 year history..

Tier may refer to: a layer or ranking or classification-group in any real or imagined hierarchy..A ranking is a relationship between a set of items such that, for any two items, the first is either 'ranked higher than', 'ranked lower than' or 'ranked equal to' the second. In mathematics, this is known as a weak order or total preorder of objects..A tiara (from Latin: tiara, from Ancient Greek: τιάρα) is a form of crown..In the Roman Catholic Church, the Papal tiara is a high cap surrounded by three crowns and bearing a globe surmounted by a cross worn by the Pope during certain ceremonies, being the symbol of his authority..Traditionally, the word "tiara" refers to a high crown, often with the shape of a cylinder narrowed at its top, made of fabric or leather, and richly ornamented. It was used by the kings and emperors of some ancient peoples in Anatolia and Mesopotamia, notably the Hittites..Other queens, empresses and princesses regularly wear tiaras at formal evening occasions... say, "Evil prevails when good men fail to act".. What they ought to say is, "Evil prevails"..There are over 550 million firearms in worldwide circulation..The first and most important rule of gun-running is: Never get shot with your own merchandise..Every faction in Africa calls themselves by these noble names - Liberation this, Patriotic that, Democratic Republic of something-or-other... I guess they can't own up to what they usually are: the Federation of Worse Oppressors Than the Last Bunch of Oppressors.. Often, the most barbaric atrocities occur when both combatants proclaim themselves Freedom Fighters...
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