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Lightbulb Moon Over Naples

"Moon Over Naples" is a 1965 instrumental composed and originally performed by German bandleader Bert Kaempfert and was the first track on his album, The Magic Music of Far Away Places for Decca Records..A vocal version by Sergio Franchi with lyrics by Charles Singleton was recorded in 1966, but did not chart. It would become a hit single in 1966 for Al Martino when a new set of lyrics were written by composer Eddie Snyder, and the title changed to "Spanish Eyes"...In 1968, "Moon Over Naples" earned Kaempfert one of 5 BMI Awards that year..The song was sung, initially by Geoffrey Hutchings and Sheila Reid in the characters of Mel and Madge as the finale to the third season of the British TV comedy Benidorm...'t you ever hear of women's lib?.What do you mean 'women's lib'?..You call that bein' hip?.About Zodiac.. I've been thinking, if you put all the information together, maybe you could jog something loose. And then I thought, who better than you? I mean, you know all the players, and you have all of the files..So what is it?. Why do you want to be a taxi driver?. Do you need a second job?. Are you moonlighting..That guy Sport's a killer.. That's who's a killer..Sport never killed nobody..He killed someone..He's a Libra..He's a what?.I'm a Libra too.. That's why we get along so well.. Looks like a killer to me...

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