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Sam "Mad Sam" (aged 63) DeStefano (September 13, 1909 − April 14, 1973) was an Italian-American gangster who became one of the Chicago Outfit's most notorious loan sharks and sociopathic killers. Chicago-based Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agents, such as William F. Roemer, Jr., considered DeStefano to be the worst torture-murderer in the history of the United States.. The Outfit used the mentally unstable and sadistic DeStefano for the torture-murders of Leo Foreman and Arthur Adler, the murder of DeStefano's younger brother, Michael DeStefano, Outfit enforcer and fellow loan shark William "Action" Jackson and many others. However, due to DeStefano's deranged mental state, the Outfit never let him become a made man...

Samuel DeStefano, Jr. was born in Streator, Illinois, into the Italian-American family of Samuel DeStefano, Sr., and Rosalie DeStefano (née Brasco), both of whom had been born in Italy and had immigrated to the United States in 1903. Destefano, Sr., was a laborer and, later on in life, a grocer and real estate salesman before dying of natural causes, in 1942, at age 77. Rosalie was a housewife, who throughout her life was supported by the contributions of her children. She died in October 1960. In all, the DeStefanos had six children, four sons and two daughters. Not long after his birth, Sam DeStefano and his family moved to Herrin, Illinois, where his father worked in the local coal mine. After the labour-related turmoil surrounding the Herrin Massacre, the DeStefano family moved north to Chicago's Little Italy.. At least one Outfit insider, Charles Crimaldi, claimed DeStefano was a Devil Worshipper...

In January 1950, DeStefano bought a new car, which police later spotted him driving around in with a sign on it that said "This is a lemon". To make sure everyone would notice it he also festooned the car with grapefruits. DeStefano's reason for this was because he thought he had bought a bad car and wanted the world to know it..FBI Agent William F. Roemer wrote that he would go to DeStefano's house to question him about mob business and on a few occasions, DeStefano would walk down the stairs in his pajamas, exposing himself. Often DeStefano's wife would serve the agents coffee and the agents would comment that the coffee had a unique taste to it. Sam would claim the coffee was made from special Italian coffee beans that his wife brewed. Months later Roemer found out that DeStefano had been urinating in the coffee before it was served to the agents. Roemer wrote he could never drink coffee again in his life..On April 14, 1973, it was presumed, that DeStefano was to have met with his brother, Mario Anthony DeStefano, and associate, Tony Spilotro in the garage of his West Side, Austin neighborhood home, in the 1600 block of North Sayre Avenue. Before the meeting began, Spilotro allegedly entered the lot and shot DeStefano twice with a shotgun, hitting him in the chest and tearing his left arm off at the elbow, instantly killing him.. The murderer was never brought to trial..The Herrin Massacre took place in June 1922 in Herrin, Illinois. Following an early morning gunfire attack on non-union miners going to work on June 21, three union miners (Jordie Henderson, Joseph Pitkewicius and one other) were killed in a confrontation after the striking union members marched on the mine. The next day, union miners killed 19 of fifty strikebreakers and mine guards, many of them in brutal ways. A twentieth victim from the non-union group would later be murdered,
bringing the death total to 23... want you to show right now how much you love G!. I want you to show as your tithe! I want you to open up your hearts! And open up your wallets! And open up your purses! And give it up! Praise the Lord! Somebody's been talking about me, talking about I've been riding around in a Cadillac!. If you love me, and you wanna give to me, then I should be in a Rolls Royce!.. Listen.. What do you do around here in the summertime?...

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