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Lightbulb G.Falcone

Mario Santo Di Matteo (Altofonte, December 7, 1954), also known as Mezzanasca, is a member of the Mafia from the town of Altofonte in the province of Palermo, Sicily..Santo Di Matteo took part in the killing of Antimafia judge Giovanni Falcone on May 23, 1992, near Capaci.. After his arrest on June 4, 1993, he became the first of Falcone's assassins to become a government witness – a pentito.. He revealed all the details of the assassination: who tunnelled beneath the motorway, who packed the 13 drums with TNT and Semtex, who hauled them into place on a skateboard, and who pressed the button...

In retaliation the Mafia kidnapped Di Matteo’s 11-year-old son, Giuseppe Di Matteo on November 23, 1993.. According to a later confession by one of the kidnappers, Gaspare Spatuzza, they dressed as police officers and told the boy he was being taken to see his father, who at that time was being kept in police protection on the Italian mainland.. In Spatuzza's words, "To the kid's eyes we appeared like angels, but in reality we were devils. (...) He was really happy, he kept saying 'My father, my dear father'". Instead they held Giuseppe for 26 months, during which time they tortured him and sent grisly photos to his father to force him to retract his testimony although he'd already signed a legally binding deposition..Di Matteo made a desperate trip to Sicily to try to negotiate his son's release but on January 11, 1996 after 779 days, the boy, who by now had also become physically ill due to mistreatment, was finally strangled on the orders of Giovanni Brusca.. The body was subsequently dissolved in a barrel of acid to prevent the family holding a proper funeral at which they could mourn and to destroy evidence - a practice known colloquially as the lupara bianca..

Di Matteo once had to face Brusca, in court. Bursting into tears Di Matteo told the judge: "I guarantee my collaboration but to this animal I guarantee nothing. If you leave me alone with him for two minutes I'll cut off his head." The confrontation nearly got violent, if not for the guards who restrained Di Matteo..In October 1997, the pentito Di Matteo was rearrested. Although a key witness in several important trials under way, he had returned home to recommence his criminal activities and avenge atrocities carried out on family members..In March 2002 Di Matteo was released early, along with four others, in return for cooperating with magistrates, outraging relatives of Falcone.. Despite no police protection, he decided not to go into hiding but returned to his family in Altofonte, protected by an iron gate and two dogs..Altofonte (Sicilian: Parcu) is a comune (municipality) in the Province of Palermo in the Italian region Sicily, located about 9 kilometres (6 mi) southwest of Palermo..Before his arrest Di Matteo already had become hesitant about the violent strategy of the Corleonesi. In their testimonies Di Matteo and another pentito Salvatore Cancemi described the victory celebration that followed the Capaci bombing.. Totò Riina ordered French champagne and while the others toasted Cancemi and Santo Di Matteo looked at one another and exchanged a gloomy assessment of Riina and their future: "This cuckold will be the ruin of us all"..Corleonesi affiliates were not restricted to mafiosi of Corleone. The Corleone Mafia bosses initiated “men of honour”, not necessarily from Corleone, whose status was kept hidden from the other members of the Corleone cosca and
other Mafia Families...

Lupara is an Italian word used to refer to a sawed-off shotgun of the break-open type. It is traditionally associated with Cosa Nostra, the Italian organized crime group dominant in Sicily for their use of it in vendettas, defense—such as its use against Mussolini's army when he decided to break up the Sicilian mafioso network—and hunting..An early example of criminal use of the weapon in the United States was the assassination of the New Orleans chief of police, David Hennessy, in October 1890..The murder punctuated a rivalry between gangs of Sicilian fruit company stevedores whose contracts did not fall under the auspices of the local longshoreman's union..From the word lupara comes the Italian expression lupara bianca (white lupara),a term especially used by journalists to refer to a mafia-style slaying in which the victim's body is deliberately hidden...The word achieved wider recognition through Mario Puzo's bestselling novel The Godfather where the lupara is used extensively by the mafia in Sicily, including Michael Corleone's bodyguards...Peter Marco Falconio (20 September 1972 – 14 July 2001) was a British tourist from Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, who disappeared in the Australian outback in July 2001, while travelling with girlfriend Joanne Lees(She hid for 5 hours in nearby bushes before running out onto the road and flagging down a truck driver who removed her cable ties and took her to safety).. Falconio's body has never been found..Falconio was 28 years old at the time of the disappearance. Bradley John Murdoch was convicted of his murder on 13 /12/2005..Like the Beetle, the van has received numerous nicknames worldwide, including the "microbus", "minibus", and, because of its popularity during the counterculture movement of the 1960s, "Hippie van"... that detail just from memory, sir?. Memory, Agent Starling, is what I have instead of a view..I've no plans to call on you, Clarice..The world is more interesting with you in it...

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