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Eberhard Faber, Founder of the Faber Pencil Company. Chancellor Walworth No. 271, New York.
Douglas Fairbanks (1883–1939), American movie star and film director, Initiated: 1925, Beverly Hills Lodge No. 528, California, Raised: August 11, 1925, Beverly Hills Lodge No. 528.
Bob Feller(1918-2010), American Athlete, Grove Lodge #824, Downers Grove, Illinois
Rigas Feraios, National hero of Greece
Charles Fergusson, Governor-General of New Zealand, Grand Master
Enrico Fermi, Nobel Prize winning physicist, FRS. Adriano Lemmi Lodge, Rome, 1923..
Ettore Ferrari, Italian sculptor. Grand Master of the Grande Oriente d'Italia.
Jules Ferry, French politician. Member of the Alsace-Lorraine Lodge of Paris.

Ignaz Aurelius Fessler, Hungarian ecclesiastic and writer. Member of Lodge Pythagoras of the Blazing Star in Berlin.
Johann Gottlieb Fichte, German philosopher. Member of Lodge Pythagoras of the Blazing Star in Berlin.
Stephen Johnson Field, US Associate Justice (1863–1897)
W. C. Fields, American comedian, E. Coppee Mitchell Lodge No. 605, Philadelphia
Charles Grandison Finney, American preacher, evangelist and author (1792–1875). Meridian Sun Lodge No. 32 in Warren, New York. Finney asked for dismissal and was discharged.
Hamilton Fish IV, US Politician
Geoffrey Fisher, The 99th Archbishop of Canterbury and head of the worldwide Anglican Communion.

Abram Fitkin, American businessman and philanthropist (1878–1933), Altair Lodge No. 601, Brooklyn
Lord Frederick FitzClarence, Illegitimate son of William IV, Grand Master of Scotland (1841–1843)
Alexander Fleming, Scottish biologist and pharmacologist. London Scottish Rifles Lodge No. 2310.
Edwin Flavell, Brigadier under Field Marshal Montgomery. DSO. MC. Provincial Grand Master of Berkshire 1967-85.
Sandford Fleming, Canadian engineer and inventor. St. Andrew's No. 16, Toronto, Ontario.
Dr. Walter Fleming, Co-founder of the Shriners.
Cyril Fletcher, English comedian

William J. Florence, Co-founder of the Shriners.
Martin Folkes, President of the Royal Society (1741–1753), Deputy Grand Master of the Premier Grand Lodge of England (1724–1725).
Sir William Forbes, 6th Baronet, Scottish Banker, Grand Master of Scotland (1776–1778)
Gerald Ford, President of the United States
Glenn Ford,(May 1, 1916 – August 30, 2006) was a Canadian-born American actor from Hollywood's Golden Era with a career that lasted over 50 years...
Henry Ford, Founder of the Ford Motor Company, Palestine Lodge No 357, Detroit
Nathan Bedford Forrest, CSA general in the US Civil War. Angerona Lodge No. 168, Memphis, Tennessee
Benjamin Franklin, American inventor and statesman. St. John's Lodge, Philadelphia, February 1731
Frederick the Great, King of Prussia. Member and founder of the lodge Zu den drei Weltkugeln (Of the Three Globes).
Bridge Frodsham (1733?-1768), English provincial actor, Master of Punch Bowl 259 at York 1761-62(Premier Grand Lodge of England)
Boyd C. Fugate (1884-1967), Tennessee State Representative
Will Fyffe, British singer and actor...
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