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Lightbulb Elba

Elba is a Mediterranean island in Tuscany, Italy, 20 kilometres (12 mi) from the coastal town of Piombino. The largest island of the Tuscan Archipelago, Elba is also part of the Arcipelago Toscano National Park, and the 3rd largest island in Italy, after Sicily and Sardinia. It is located in the Tyrrhenian Sea, about 50 kilometres (30 mi) east of the French island of Corsica..The island is part of the province of Livorno and is divided into 8 municipalities, with a total population of about 30,000 inhabitants, which increases considerably during the summer. The municipalities are Portoferraio, which is also the island's principal town, along with Campo nell'Elba, Capoliveri, Marciana, Marciana Marina, Porto Azzurro, Rio Marina, and Rio nell'Elba..The island is a popular holiday resort, particularly for German tourists.. Many street signs and notices are bilingual in Italian and German..The rich natural sights of Campania make it highly important in the tourism industry, especially along the Amalfi Coast, Mount Vesuvius and the island of Capri..The triangle of death ( Triangolo della morte) is an area in the Italian province of Campania comprising the municipalities of Acerra, Nola and Marigliano..The boss of the Casalesi clan, Gaetano Vassallo, admitted to systematically working for 20 years to bribe local politicians and officials to gain their acquiescence to dumping toxic waste.. In the early 20th century the criminal underworld of New York City consisted mainly of East Harlem-based Sicilians and groups of Neapolitans from Brooklyn, sometimes referred to as the Brooklyn Camorra, as Neapolitan organized crime was called the Camorra..Currently it is estimated there are about 111 Camorra clans and over 6,700 members in Naples and the immediate surroundings...

The flag was used during the period of stay of Napoleon Bonaparte as sovereign of the island of Elba, from 4 May 1814 to 26 February 1815. The flag, donated by Napoleon on his arrival on the island, was hoisted on the highest point of Portoferraio on the day of the landing of the emperor on the island..According to some authors, the red stripe on the white field was inspired by the colours of the flag of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany which ruled the island with the House of Medici first and the House of Habsburg-Lorraine after..The bee was chosen by Napoleon to link the new dynasty to the ancient kingdom of France. Golden bees, being found in 1653 in Tournai in the tomb of Childeric I, father of Clovis I and founder of the Merovingian dynasty in 457, were considered the first emblem of the kings of France.. They represented a sign of immortality and resurrection...The first headquarters of the Knights Templar, on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.. The Crusaders called it the Temple of Solomon and from this location derived their name of Templar..The knights wore a white surcoat with a red cross and a white mantle also with a red cross; the sergeants wore a black tunic with a red cross on the front and a black or brown mantle..The Pschent (Greek ψχεντ) was the name of the Double Crown of Ancient Egypt. The Ancient Egyptians generally referred to it as sekhemti , the Two Powerful Ones.. It combined the Red Deshret Crown of Lower Egypt and the White Hedjet Crown of Upper Egypt..Ptolemaic rulers wore the Pschent in Egypt only and wore the diadem in the other territories..As is the case with the Deshret and the Hedjet Crowns, no Pschent has survived.. It is known only from statuary, depictions, inscriptions and ancient tales..Among the deities sometimes depicted wearing the
Double Crown are Horus and Atum... love you.. I've loved you since the first moment I saw you.. I guess maybe I've even loved you before I saw you..So few people can boast that they've lost a flying saucer and a man from Mars -all in the same day! Wonder what they'd have done to Columbus if he'd discovered America, and then mislaid it...
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