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Perfect Square is a video recording of a concert by rock band R.E.M., filmed on 19 July 2003 at the Bowling Green in Wiesbaden, Germany..Included on the DVD release is a bonus documentary, A Stirling Performance, chronicling the band's three-night stand at Stirling Castle in Scotland in July 1999.. The documentary demonstrates the effect the concerts had on Stirling and its residents. It was released in 2000..The documentary premiered in the UK on October 17, 2000, at London's Metro Cinema during the Raindance Film Festival.. Its US premiere occurred at 7 Stages in Atlanta, Georgia, on June 10, 2001..The origin of the name Stirling is uncertain, but folk etymology suggests that it originates in either a Scots or Gaelic term meaning the place of battle, struggle or strife...

The classical Möbius function μ(n) is an important multiplicative function in number theory and combinatorics. The German mathematician August Ferdinand Möbius introduced it in 1832..The Möbius function also arises in the primon gas or free Riemann gas model of supersymmetry. In this theory, the fundamental particles or "primons" have energies log p. Under second quantization, multiparticle excitations are considered; these are given by log n for any natural number n.. This follows from the fact that the factorization of the natural numbers into primes is unique..In particle physics, supersymmetry (SUSY) is a proposed extension of spacetime symmetry that relates two basic classes of elementary particles: bosons, which have an integer-valued spin, and fermions, which have a half-integer spin.. Each particle from one group is associated with a particle from the other, called its superpartner, whose spin differs by a half-integer. In a theory with perfectly unbroken supersymmetry, each pair of superpartners shares the same mass and internal quantum numbers besides spin - for example, a "selectron" (superpartner electron) would be a boson version of the electron, and would have the same mass energy and thus be equally easy to find in the lab. However, since no superpartners have been observed yet, supersymmetry must be a spontaneously broken symmetry if it exists..The failure of the Large Hadron Collider to find evidence for supersymmetry has led some physicists to suggest that the theory should be abandoned as a solution to such problems, as any superpartners that exist would now need to be too massive to solve the paradoxes anyway.. Experiments with the Large Hadron Collider also yielded extremely rare particle decay events which casts doubt on many versions of supersymmetry... we perceive an object, we automatically tend to label it ( light, dark, etc.).. As soon as our mind puts a label on an object, the label takes the place of the actual object in our mental processes. As our mental image or label can never represent all the different qualities and characteristics of any object, it is always just a simplified, usually exaggerated, subjective snap shot. However, our mind reacts on the basis of our own mental label of an object.. No wonder we tend to react simplistic, exaggerated and subjective in many situations.. All perceived objects are conditioned by our senses and our own mind...

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