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Lightbulb Blue Eggs

Arnold wants to know where babies come from, but no one will give him a straight answer until one of the other tenants in the building, a woman whose pregnancy sparked Arnold's curiosity, complains to Mr. Drummond..The author tells her daughters "when you discovered the tiny blue eggs in the robin's nest and I told you that wrapped in each shell was a baby robin that was growing there, kept warm by the mamma bird"..."Sometimes it is the wind which blows the pollen dust from one plant to the other, and sometimes it is the bees gathering honey from the flowers. As they suck the honey from the blossoms some of the plant dust sticks to their legs and bodies, and as they go to another plant in search of sweets this is rubbed off and so the parts of the father and mother plant get together and the seed is made fertile"...

You started off that week as the stroke-play medalist. Talk about having that target on your back all week..

It’s funny, but I don’t remember much about the championship. I remember bits here and there and bits about the matches I had. But I don’t remember much about the medalist thing. I remember playing well and coming out on top. It’s one of those things where you just try to qualify to get into the match-play championship bracket and you don’t go in trying to win it [stroke play], because that’s not the part that wins the championship. Maybe you’re just more relaxed and you go out and play really good and the next thing you know, you’re the medalist!..

Laura Ann Kesling (born February 25, 2000) is an American child actress. She made her film debut as Bobbi in the Adam Sandler film Bedtime Stories.. Kesling developed an interest in acting at a young age and has appeared in a number of commercials.. Her mother is LPGA golfer Danielle Ammaccapane..As a child she spent her time in a traveling preschool, the LPGA Child Development Center. The center takes care of LPGA member's children while they play golf. Ammaccapane said in 2002 that "if it weren't for the center, I couldn't play professional golf and also have a child. I couldn't afford it. It would either be have a child and quit the tour or don't have a child... Mr. Drummond, it's very dangerous to sneak up behind me. I'm going to karate class, and I just got an 'A' in "kicking where it hurts"...
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