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Mickey Knox and his wife Mallory stop at a roadside café in the New Mexico desert..Mickey and Mallory camp out in the desert, and Mallory reminisces about when they first met..The pair continue their killing spree, ultimately claiming 52 (=7) victims in New Mexico, Arizona, and Nevada. Pursuing them is Detective Jack Scagnetti, who became obsessed with mass murderers after witnessing his mother being shot and killed by Charles Whitman when he was 8..Mickey and Mallory become lost in the desert and encounter Warren Red Cloud , a Navajo Indian, and his young grandson..After the 2 fall asleep, the Navajo, hoping to expel the demon he perceives in Mickey, begins chanting beside the fire, invoking nightmares in Mickey about his abusive parents..Mickey wakes up in a rage and fatally shoots Red Cloud before he realizes what he is doing..Fleeing from the scene through the desert, they stray onto a field of rattlesnakes and are both bitten..They drive to a drugstore to find snakebite antidote, but the pharmacist sets off the silent alarm before Mickey kills him. Soon police cars arrive and Mallory is captured and subsequently beaten by the police. A gunfight breaks out between Mickey and the others. Scagnetti arrives and tells Mickey that unless he surrenders, he will cut off Mallory's breasts. Mickey gives up his guns, but attacks Scagnetti with a knife. The police taser him and the scene ends with Mickey and Mallory being beaten by a group of vengeful policemen as a Japanese news crew fronted by a female reporter films the action..The story picks up one year later: the homicidal couple have been imprisoned, and are due to be moved to a mental hospital after being declared insane.. Scagnetti arrives at the prison and encounters Warden Dwight McClusky , with whom he plans to murder the two criminals.. McClusky will arrange for Scagnetti to be the driver for the Knoxes' transfer..The couple is shown several years later, in an RV, with Mickey driving and Mallory (who is pregnant) watching their two children play....Realeesed 24 February 1995 (UK).

1 February -1 – Lyricist/guitarist Richey Edwards of the Welsh alternative rock band Manic Street Preachers goes missing from a hotel in Bayswater, London on the eve of a planned tour of the United States.. His car is found 2 weeks later at Se7ern View services in Aust- New domestic electrical appliances must be supplied with an appropriately fused pre-wired plug/2 - "Moliere Comedies" opens at Criterion Theater NYC for 56 performances- Henry Olonga no-balled for throwing in Zimbabwe-Pakistan Test Cricket- US space shuttle Discovery launched\4 - Sandra Volker swims female European record 50m backstroke (27.77)/7 - Rumbelows, the electrical goods retailer and former sponsors of the Football League Cup, closes its 311 stores with the loss of more than 3,000 jobs\8 - 6.4 earthquake at Trujillo, Colombia (46+ killed)/9 – STS-63: Dr. Bernard A. Harris, Jr. and Michael Foale became the second African American and Briton, respectively, to walk in space- "Heiress" opens at Cort Theater NYC for 340 performances\13 – A United Nations tribunal on human rights violations in the Balkans charges 21 (777) Bosnian Serb commanders with genocide and crimes against humanity/15-Hacker Kevin Mitnick is arrested by the FBI and charged with penetrating some of the United States' most "secure" computer systems-Taiwan's deadliest fire, at a karaoke restaurant in Taichung, kills 64\17 - The famous MG sports car brand, not seen on a volume sports car since 1980, is revived when the Rover Group unveils the new MGF sports car which will go on sale this autumn/19- Michael Tippett's "Rose Lake," premieres\21-(777) Serkadji prison mutiny in Algeria:4 guards and 96 prisoners are killed in a day and a half-Ibrahim Ali, a 17-year-old Comorian living in France, is murdered by 3 far-right National Front activists-Steve Fossett lands in Leader, Saskatchewan, Canada, becoming the first person to make a solo flight across the Pacific Ocean in a balloon- RAF-pilot Jo Salter is 1st woman to fly in a tornado/24 - The Corona reconnaissance satellite program, in existence from 1959 to 1972, is declassified\25 - Bomb attack on train in Assam India (27 soldiers killed)- British super middleweight Nigel Benn (British Army where he served in the Troubles for 18 months) puts opponent Gerard McClellan in hospital - Moslem fundamentalists shoot 20 shite mosque goers dead/26 - Barings Bank, the UK's oldest merchant bank collapses following $1.4 billion of losses by a rogue trader\27 – In Denver, Colorado, Stapleton Airport closes and is replaced by the new Denver International Airport, the largest in the US- Car bomb explodes in Zakho, North-Iraq (54-80 killed)/28 - The Diary of Bridget Jones column first published in The Independent– Members of the group Patriot's Council are convicted in Minnesota of manufacturing ricin\On 23 February 1995, Leeson left Singapore to fly to Kuala Lumpur. Barings Bank auditors finally discovered the fraud around the same time that Barings' chairman, Peter Baring, received a confession note from Leeson. Leeson's activities had generated losses totalling £827 million (US$1.3 billion), twice the bank's available trading capital. The collapse cost another £100 million. The Bank of England attempted an unsuccessful weekend bailout..Employees around the world did not receive their bonuses..Boo Hoo...'s proposition is simple, He wants to move off Tanzier Island and re-locate the entire colony just north of here..You'll never understand, Wayne. You and me, we're not even the same species.. I used to be you, then I evolved.. From where you're standing, you're a man.. From where I'm standing, you're an ape..You're not even an ape..You're a media person..Media's like the weather, only it's man-made weather..Are you going to give the benediction tonight, frater...

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