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Lets face it none of you would get to work or university but for oil and the wars that are fought for it...Out of sight out of mind eh peeps...

Homelessness is the condition of people without a regular dwelling. People who are homeless are most often unable to acquire and maintain regular, safe, secure, and adequate housing, or lack "fixed, regular, and adequate night-time residence".. The legal definition of "homeless" varies from country to country, or among different entities or institutions in the same country or region.. The term homeless may also include people whose primary night-time residence is in a homeless shelter, a warming center, a domestic violence shelter, a vehicle (including recreational vehicles and campers), cardboard boxes, a tent, tarpaulins, or other ad hoc housing situations. American Government homeless enumeration studies also include persons who sleep in a public or private place not designed for use as a regular sleeping accommodation for human beings.. There are a number of organisations who provide provisions for the homeless for example, The Salvation Army.

An estimated 100 million people worldwide were homeless in 2005.. In western countries, the large majority of homeless are men (75–80%), with single males particularly overrepresented..In the USA, LGBT people are over-represented among homeless youth, at 39%.. Modern homelessness started as a result of economic stresses in society and reductions in the availability of affordable housing. In the United States, in the 1970s, the deinstitutionalisation of patients from state psychiatric hospitals was a precipitating factor in urban areas. By the mid-1980s, there was also a dramatic increase in family homelessness. Tied into this was an increasing number of impoverished and runaway children, teenagers, and young adults, which created more street children or street youth...

In the modern world, home construction became increasingly specialized and electric wiring and plumbing added to the cost of homes. Today, few people are capable of building their own homes. Specialization increases demand and price, which raises the cost of living. Building laws, codes, ordinances, and zoning limits may make home ownership even more expensive. In many places, houses without electricity and plumbing, or without foundations, that would once have been legal are now banned as substandard..The industrial revolution caused a great migration from the rural areas to urban areas. Urban areas often have more complex building codes to handle the denser populations in modern cities. City ordinances coupled with higher land prices may make housing even more expensive in such urban areas..and then you get a job and can't afford to live on it..
whats the minimum wage again Blair Cameron etc etc etc ...'re not listening to me.. Not co-operating, Cam.. You're not co-operating with me at all.. I've been counting on you for years Cameron. Tell me you're not gonna betray me like al the rest.. Tell me you're not.. Take the lyrics to Land of Confusion.. In this song, Gorilla addresses the problems of abusive political authority...

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