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Originally Posted by craftyhen View Post
Without passing an opinion on the various claims about Tricker, Dover Customs & audio tapes
now seems a good time to explain what I know about the above post & the origins of the Customs Notice.

While working with Needleblog last year on transcriptions I was asked to look for Toffs Travel & shown
a document written by Chris Fay which included an address Ruysdaelkade 167 1072 AS Amsterdam.

The address now belongs to Toffs Apartments. Searching this combined with Trickers name produced the
Customs Notice immediately. Being better at transcribing than googling I made no further progress & passed
what I had to hawker. Following much good digging by him he was able to find many other references to Toffs,
Tricker & Amsterdam culminating in his series of posts.

I hope that helps those still interested.
Craftyhen, you must have missed my previous post looking into this matter!

Hawker/Chorley/Tajas/Tajasfire piped-up... why not you? And why now?!? Don't worry: it's - once again - rhetorical!

I had been wanting to write a loooong post - nay, a dossier! - about Tim Tate & "others", but I just don't have time to do it justice. But I will ask you this: what do you make of the Needleblog being involved in both the birth of this story & an apparent attempt to kill it off?

There is now open warfare between Exaro & Tim Tate, the journalist flatly contradicting the audio/video tale presented by Exaro. See the comments below this article:

I tried to raise a bit of interest in Tate almost three weeks ago here:

By the way, it's the Maloney/Fay double-act now pushing the Satanic Ritual Abuse angle, for those who wonder where these mad "smears" are coming from. Have a listen here:

They also re-ignite the Ken Clarke accusation. Remember, the one that almost made it into three national newspapers to kill it all dead in a McAlpine-esque mountain of recriminations? Previously, Maloney really insisted that he wants us to know that he believes "every word" Ben Fellows says about Ken Clarke. Every word.

Let's be clear here: Exaro's David Hencke is the man who has brought all of this out into the open. And it was he who demolished the Fellows' Clarke accusation. If Maloney/Fay are correct in their assertions then Hencke is lying.

I know which side I'm going with. But how strange to see people on Twitter supposedly supporting Exaro whilst spreading the completely incompatible tales of Fay/Maloney elsewhere!

We know what Exaro think...

... but what sayest thou?

P.S. Did you never think it strange that such an incriminating - and labelled!!! - hoard would be first siezed by 'those upon high' but later listed in the London Gazette?!?

P.P.S. Bottom of garden in a box in a shed? Don't be daft!
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