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Jan Dirk Breytenbach DVR, SD, SM, MMM (born 4 July 1933) was appointed by General Fritz Loots, the founder of the South African Special Forces Brigade, as the first commander of 1 Reconnaissance Commando, the first unit founded within the South African Special Forces. He was also appointed as the first commander of the 32 Battalion, known colloquially as "Buffalo Battalion", as well as 44 Parachute Brigade..Breytenbach attended the Army Gymnasium in 1950, and was awarded the Sword of Peace in 1953 and joined the Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm after serving in the Armoured Corps and saw service in the Suez Crisis in 1956. He rejoined the South African Defence Force in 1961 and soon after completed one of 1 Parachute Battalions courses. He founded 1 Reconnaissance Commando in 1971.. He attended Staff College in 1977 and was promoted to Colonel, becoming Senior Staff Officer for Operations at Northern Transvaal Command and commanded 44 Parachute Brigade from 24 September 1980 to 31 December 1982. He founded the SADF Guerilla school which he commanded until his retirement..Breytenbach retired from the military in 1987, and has written a number of books since then.. He is the brother of South African poet and writer Breyten Breytenbach and of war correspondent/photographer Cloete Breytenbach.. During the 1980s, Breyten and Jan Breytenbach held strongly opposing political viewpoints, so with his brother opting for a more left-wing approach, this influential family effectively covered the political spectrum...The ovary (From Latin: ovarium, literally "egg" or "nut") is an ovum-producing reproductive organ..'They entered an apartment containing nothing except a black painting representing a woman.. Her legs reached to the top of one of the walls; her body occupied the entire ceiling; from her navel hung suspended, by a thread, an enormous egg; and the remainder of her body, her head downward, descended the other wall, to the level of the pavement, where her finger ends touched,'—SALAMMBO...

The San kinship system reflects their interdependence as traditionally small mobile foraging bands.. The kinship system is comparable to the eskimo kinship system, with the same set of terms as in European cultures, but also uses a name rule and an age rule. The age rule resolves any confusion arising from kinship terms, as the older of two people always decides what to call the younger. Relatively few names circulate (approximately 35 names per sex), and each child is named after a grandparent or another relative..Children have no social duties besides playing, and leisure is very important to San of all ages. Large amounts of time are spent in conversation, joking, music, and sacred dances. Women have a high status in San society, are greatly respected, and may be leaders of their own family groups. They make important family and group decisions and claim ownership of water holes and foraging areas. Women are mainly involved in the gathering of food, but may also take part in hunting..The most important thing in San life is water.. Droughts may last many months and waterholes may dry up.. When this happens, they use sip wells. To get water this way, a San scrapes a deep hole where the sand is damp.. Into this hole is inserted a long hollow grass stem. An empty ostrich egg is used to collect the water.. Water is sucked into the straw from the sand, into the mouth, and then travels down another straw into the ostrich egg..Eigg is one of the Small Isles, in the Scottish Inner Hebrides.. It lies to the south of the Skye and to the north of the Ardnamurchan peninsula..The centre of the island is a moorland plateau, rising to 393 metres (1,289 ft) at An Sgurr, a dramatic stump of pitchstone, sheer on three sides. Walkers who complete the easy scramble to the top in good weather are rewarded with spectacular views all round of Mull, Coll, Muck, the Outer Hebrides, Rùm, Skye, and the mountains of Lochaber on the mainland..Hull's puppet represented a side of his personality that enabled the entertainer to create a kind of gleeful havoc, while not seemingly being to blame for it. This was aided by the simple yet effective conceit of a false arm attached to Hull's jacket, which cradled the emu, therefore making it appear that the neck and head moved of its own volition...The 1 Reconnaissance Commando was the first South African special forces unit, founded by General Fritz Loots - the founder of the South African Special Forces, and the first General Officer Commanding of the South African Special Forces. He appointed 12 qualified paratroopers (known as "The Dirty Dozen") as the founder members. Included in these 12 paratroopers was Jan Breytenbach, who was placed in command of the Founder Members by General Loots... are white men, Sir, not beasts.. Oh, he sits up there in those melancholy hills; some say he sleeps in caves like a beast, slumbers deep like the Kraken.. The Blacks say that he is a spirit.. The Troopers will never catch him.. Common force is meaningless, Mr. Murphy, as he squats up there on his impregnable perch...

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