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Arrow HMS SickLe

HMS Sickle was an S class submarine of the Royal Navy, and part of the 3rd Group built of that class. She was built by Cammell Laird and launched on 27 August 1942.. So far, she is the only ship to bear the name Sickle, after the farming implement..Sickle began her wartime career operating in the Mediterranean, where she sank the German submarine U-303, the German auxiliary submarine chaser UJ-2213/Heureux, the Italian auxiliary Minesweepers No. 61/ Costante Neri, V 131/Amgiola Maria C. and No. 164/ Rosa Madre, and the German escort vessel SG-10/Felix Henri..Length 217 ft (66 m)..The Italian merchant Mauro Croce, the German submarine U-755, the German auxiliary submarine chaser UJ 2210 and the German transport Lola were also attacked, but unsuccessfully..Armament..6 x forward 21-inch torpedo tubes, one aft 13 torpedoes-one 3-inch gun (four-inch on later boats)- one 20 mm cannon three-.303-calibre machine gun-Complement 48 officers and men...

Sickle left for a patrol in the Northern Aegean on 31 May 1944..She was in action on 4 June when she fired upon shipping in Mitylene Harbour and later engaged in a gun battle with 2 German patrol vessels. During the fight, one member of the crew was washed overboard and taken prisoner. Sickle escaped the engagement and continued on her patrol.. On 12 June she spotted a convoy in the approach to Steno Pass. The convoy suspected the presence of a submarine and dropped 2 depth charges.. Shortly after this, contact with Sickle was lost, and it is thought that she had probably struck a mine in the Kythera Channel..Kythira has a land area of 279.593 square kilometres (107.95 sq mi); it is lochated at the Southwestern exit from the Aegean Sea, behind Cape Malea...In ancient times it was a busy shipping lane, and one of the major routes for crossing the northeast Mediterranean to the west. The difficult weather of the cape was notorious at the time as well, most famously as recounted in the Odyssey. Homer describes how Odysseus on his return home to Ithaca rounds Cape Maleas only to be blown off course, resulting in his being lost for up to 10 years by some people's reckoning..In World War II, the German occupying forces began construction of a military tower for defense and surveillance of the major shipping lane. The construction was halted with the end of occupation in 1944..Kythira is close to the Hellenic arc plate boundary zone, and thus highly prone to EQ's.. Most sea-traffic from Athens, Istanbul, and the Black Sea to the central and western Mediterranean passes through the straits and are often subject to strong winds and shipwreck on Cape Malea..
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