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Princess Diana feared the brakes of her car were going to be tampered with, 10 months before she died in a crash in Paris, her former butler has claimed..The princess allegedly wrote in a letter to Paul Burrell: "This phase in my life is the most dangerous"..She reportedly named someone who was "planning an accident in my car, brake failure and serious head injury"..The name of the alleged person has been blacked out by the newspaper for legal reasons..In the alleged letter, Princess Diana reportedly believed the plot was "in order to make the path clear for Charles to marry"...BBC royal correspondent Peter Hunt said a key question remained about why Mr Burrell did not reveal the alleged letter earlier, particularly immediately after the fatal crash..He also did not reveal it during the French investigation, nor during his court case, although Mr Burrell could argue that he intended to but was acquitted before he had a chance to enter the witness box, Peter Hunt said.."Why didn't he reveal it during the week-long exclusive interview with the Daily Mirror last year, for which he received a considerable sum of money?..Today I've repeatedly heard how irrelevant my department has Beecome..., James.. Welcome..Do you like the island?. My GrandMother had an island.. Nothing to boast of.. You could walk around it in an hour, but still it was, it was a paradise for us. One summer, we went for a visit and discovered the place had been infested with rats. They'd come on a fishing boat and gorged themselves on coconut. So how do you get rats off an island? Hmm? My grandmother showed me. We buried an oil drum and hinged the lid. Then we wired coconut to the lid as bait and the rats would come for the coconut and... they would fall into the drum. And after a month, you have trapped all the rats, but what do you do then? Throw the drum into the ocean? Burn it? No. You just leave it and they begin to get hungry. And 1 by 1...
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