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The main monument in the redeveloped square is the 23m tall Paternoster Square Column.. It is a Corinthian column of Portland stone topped by a gold leaf covered flaming copper urn, which is illuminated by fibre-optic lighting at night.. The column was designed by the architects Whitfield Partners and also serves as a ventilation shaft for a service road that runs beneath the square.. It is sometimes referred to as the 'pineapple'..Pigna is the name of rione IX of Rome. The name means "pine cone" in Italian, and the symbol for the rione is the colossal bronze pine cone, the Pigna, which once decorated a fountain in Ancient Rome next to a vast Temple of Isis... am your animal watching your head..We're bound by procedure. In this situation, we cannot afford those constraints..I love my country.. I'd kill for it and I'd dye for it.. Good for you..You're out of your mind.. It's in my nature..I have been following you..Walking behind you...

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