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Originally Posted by tangodeltafoxtrot View Post
So let me get this straight here.

A few days after Peter Bottomley's rather breathless interview threatening to sue any mainstream news media organisation that linked him to Elm House, this guy Anthony Gilberthorpe comes forward to the Mirror, implicating himself and also certain now deceased Conservative grandees in "boy brothel" parties?

(The names he mentioned, incidentally, have never come up before "in despatches", even in the more conspiraloon-oriented recesses of the web - would have to rather reluctantly concede that Bandini has valid point on that one).

Upon further research, it is remembered/discovered that Anthony Gilberthorpe was a former research assistant to the late Conservative MP Piers Merchant (conveniently deceased, again, perhaps, so cannot defend himself?) who was embroiled in a (no pun intended) minor scandal when it was revealed he was in a relationship with a call girl at a time when she was (just about) over the legal age of consent?

You literally could not make this shit up.

Is this basically a battle between the pro and anti gay wings of the Tory party or what the fuck?

Lot of agendas being played out at the moment, methinks. Difficult to discern truth from falsehood.
I'm not sure what's going on either Tango, but I can point out that the views of Bandini (the great magician) appear to align very closely with those of a certain mister Eric Hardcastle, who claims to be a UK-born but Australian-based "private investigator" :-

Mister Hardcastle, it transpires, is quite a fan of Anna Racoon aka Susanne Nundy, who has been described on various internet forums as an MI5 disinformation agent. He gives her a hearty recommendation on his website.

Apparently convicted paedophile Jonathan King is also a fan of Mister Hardcastle's articles and has brought them to the attention of Alan Rusbridger, editor-in-chief of The Guardian :-

Make of that what you will.
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