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Wonderful Life" is a song by British singer Black from his 1987 album of the same name.. Written by Black himself, the song was released twice as a single and was successful the second time, becoming a top ten hit in Switzerland, Germany, UK, France, Austria and Italy..In 1982, Black played with the Thompson Twins on their "Quick Step and Side Kick" tour..First released in 1986 by Ugly Man Records, it initially peaked at no. 72 on the UK Singles Chart..The band then decided to re-release the song with a new record company, A&M Records after the success of "Sweetest Smile".. The single then reached a higher peak of no. 8 on the UK Singles Chart in August 1987..In season 4, episode 14 of the U.S. series Queer as Folk (2004), the song eerily accompanies the main character's struggle to finish a 500-mile bicycle tour in spite of a broken collarbone..22 August 1987 (2nd release)..Black Park is adjacent to Pinewood Film Studios and has been used as an outdoor location for many film and television productions. The Woods and lake featured prominently in the Hammer Horror films from the late 1950s to the 1970s, such as Dracula: Prince of Darkness (1966)..

New Brighton is a British seaside resort forming part of the town of Wallasey, in the Metropolitan Borough of Wirral, in the metropolitan county of Merseyside, England. It is located at the northeastern tip of the Wirral Peninsula, within the historic county boundaries of Cheshire, and has sandy beaches which line the Irish Sea is widest in its centre, stretching approximately 230 kilometres (143 mi) from Blackrock, Ireland to Morecambe, England on the eastern shoreline.. It is narrowest in the north, approximately 20 kilometres (12 mi) separating Northern Ireland from Scotland..The Port of Liverpool handles 32 million tonnes of cargo and 734 thousand passengers a year.. Holyhead port handles most of the passenger traffic from Dublin and DĂșn Laoghaire ports, as well as 3.3 million tonnes of freight..During World War I the Irish Sea became known as "U-boat Alley", because the U-boats moved their emphasis from the Atlantic to the Irish Sea after the United States entered the war ..Parts of the bed of the Irish Sea are very rich in wildlife. The seabed southwest of the Isle of Man is particularly noted for its rarities and diversity, as are the horse mussel beds of Strangford Lough.. Scallops and queen scallops are found in more gravelly areas..There are quite regular records of live and stranded leatherback turtle in and around the Irish Sea. This species travels north to the waters off the British Isles every year following the swarms of jellyfish that form its prey..The consumption of seafood harvested from the Irish Sea is the main pathway for exposure of humans to radioactivity..The Irish Sea has been described by Greenpeace as the most radioactively contaminated sea in the world with some "eight million litres of nuclear waste" discharged into it each day from Sellafield reprocessing plants, contaminating seawater, sediments and marine life..After World War II, the popularity of New Brighton as a seaside resort declined dramatically. However, the Tower Ballroom continued as a major venue, hosting numerous concerts in the 1950s and 1960s by local Liverpool groups such as The Beatles as well as other international stars. The Tower Ballroom continued in use until it was destroyed by a fire in 1969..Ferries across the Mersey to New Brighton ceased in 1971, after which the ferry pier and landing stage were dismantled. By 1977, the promenade pier had suffered the same fate..New Brighton is part of the Wallasey parliamentary constituency and Represented by Angela Eagle MP, of the Labour Party .. wanna hear something crazy? Last night I... I dreamed we were walking along and we met your father.. He said, "Come on," and he put his arm around me.. Just like he did with Robbie..Oh, my G.. Look at that! Ma, I should have brought those coral shoes..Nobody puts Baby in a corner...

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