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Lightbulb Vermouth of Turin

Cinzano vermouths date back to 1757 and the Turin herbal shop of 2 brothers, Giovanni Giacomo and Carlo Stefano Cinzano, who created a new "vermouth rosso" (red vermouth) using "aromatic plants from the Italian Alps in a [still-secret] recipe combining 35 ingredients (including marjoram, thyme, and yarrow)"..What became known as the "vermouth of Turin" proved popular with the bourgeoisie of Turin and, later, Casanova..Cinzano Bianco followed, based on a different combination of herbs that included artemisia (wormwood), cinnamon, cloves, citrus and gentian; it was followed by an Extra Dry version.. Exports began in the 1890s, to Argentina, Brazil and the USA, among others.. In Paris in 1912, Cinzano was the first product to be advertised with a neon sign..Dave is obsessed with competitive bicycle racing, and Italian racers in particular, because he recently won a Masi bicycle. His down-to-earth father, Ray, a former stonecutter who now operates his own used car business (sometimes unethically), is puzzled and exasperated by his son's love of Italian music and culture, which Dave associates with cycling.. However, his mother Evelyn is more understanding..He says that there are 3 kinds of people.. The highest level of the Brotherhood are the "Red Dresses." These are "software people," elsewhere called "reptilian software," or "constructs of mind." They lack consciousness and free will, and their human bodies are holographic veils..Though Cyril wants no trouble, Mike insists on tracking down Rod and starting a brawl.. The University president (then-University president Dr. John W. Ryan) reprimands the students for their arrogance toward the "cutters" and over their objections invites the latter to participate in the annual Indiana University Little 500 race (also known popularly as the "Little Five"), is a bicycle race held annually during the 3rd weekend of April at Bill Armstrong Stadium on the campus of Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana..Billed as "The World's Greatest College Weekend," the race has expanded into a whole week of activities since its original founding; the Women's Little 500.. At the time of its sale, Cinzano's share of the vermouth market in Europe was measured in the low single digits, sales that placed it a distant second to Martini...

As a result of a 1997 merger, Grand Metropolitan became Diageo; two years later, Diageo sold Cinzano to the privately held Gruppo Campari..Diageo is an invented name which was created by the branding consultancy Wolff Olins in 1997..The name is composed of the Latin word "dies", meaning day, and the Greek root "geo", meaning world, and is meant to reference the company giving pleasure every day, everywhere..Diageo was formed in 1997 from the merger of Guinness and Grand Metropolitan..It diversified into catering acquiring Bateman Catering in 1967 and then Midland Catering in 1968.. It then bought Express Dairies in 1969, the Berni Inn chain, and the Mecca bingo halls in 1970 is a UK-based social and bingo club leisure company, with sites located across the UK in most major towns and cities.. The company also operates and as an extension of the Mecca Bingo brand..enRacha is Rank’s Interactive Spanish gaming site launched on 2011.. enRacha offers a wide range of Spanish card games, online slots, skill games and casino and poker games... country gets more like the boiler room of the Titanic every day.. Confused orders from the bridge, water sloshing around our ankles.. The only difference is they had a band..Promise me now, Rose, and never let go of that promise..You just seem like, you know, kind of an indoor Girl...

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