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Lightbulb Wattled smoky Honeyeater

The honeyeaters are a large and diverse family of small to medium sized birds most common in Australia and New Guinea, but also found in New Zealand, the Pacific islands as far east as Samoa and Tonga, and the islands to the north and west of New Guinea known as Wallacea.. Bali, on the other side of the Wallace Line, has a single species..The movements of honeyeaters are poorly understood.. Most are at least partially mobile but many movements seem to be local, possibly between favourite haunts as the conditions change.. Fluctuations in local abundance are common, but the small number of definitely migratory honeyeater species aside, the reasons are yet to be discovered.. Many follow the flowering of favourite food plants.. Arid zone species appear to travel further and less predictably than those of the more fertile areas. It seems probable that no single explanation will emerge: the general rule for honeyeater movements is that there is no general rule..In 2008, a study that included molecular phylogenetic analysis of museum specimens in the genera Moho and Chaetoptila, both extinct genera endemic to the Hawaiian islands, argued that these 5 species were not members of the Meliphagidae and instead belong to their own distinct family... people care too much.. I think it's called love..If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day so I never have to live without you”...
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